How PlanetVerify became a huge game-changer for Liberty Blue Estate Agents

Liberty Blue Estate Agents is a multi-award winning company which provides a complete property service in Waterford City and County and in South Kilkenny. As is the case across the property sector, Liberty Blue faced an ongoing challenge in the collection and management of tenant data.


At a glance:


  • GDPR compliance.
  • Managing large volumes of tenant data.


  • Introduced PlanetVerify as a way of collecting and managing tenant data.


  • Major time savings.
  • Full data compliance.
  • Unified data collection.


Liberty Blue introduced PlanetVerify across the company as a new way to manage the collection and management of tenant data. Agents could now send a PlanetVerify link to new tenants which would automate and secure the entire data collection process. In addition, Liberty Blue began attaching QR codes to their property rental advertisements that prospective tenants could scan with their phone and trigger the PlanetVerify data collection process.

“The brilliant thing about PlanetVerify for us is that we can send a PlanetVerify link to a prospective tenant and it manages the collection of their data in one place.”

Regina Mangan, Managing Director, Liberty Blue


There was no need for a lengthy system implementation period, instead Liberty Blue was able to get up and running after a single kick-off session and quickly began to realize some major benefits.

  • Time Savings: Time savings of one day per week for the team at Liberty Blue.
  • Unified data collection: PlanetVerify provides Liberty Blue with a single, centralized, highly secure location for tenant data that is both end-to-end encrypted and ISO27001 certified.
  • GDPR/CCPA Compliance: PlanetVerify helps Liberty Blue remain data compliant at all times.
  • Client Experience: Clients now experience a highly professional, on-brand series of emails from Liberty Blue as data and documents are submitted via PlanetVerify.

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Success Stories

John Doe
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“Using PlanetVerify has probably saved us in the region of one day per week... it is genuinely a no brainer.”

Regina Mangan - Liberty Blue
John Doe
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“PlanetVerify saves us up to 25 man-hours a week - that’s like a part-time member of staff.”

Mandy Meredith - Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings
John Doe
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”PlanetVerify has been a life saver for us. It has enabled us to be able to properly manage & respond to the huge volume of email enquiries in both a professional & efficient manner in literally a fraction of the time!”

Gillian Hayes - Gillian Hayes Property Letting Ltd
John Doe
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“We find that PlanetVerify has significantly improved our time management. By keeping all tenant applications together, it has saved our team having to search through countless emails to find the correct application and reference document.”

Martina Higgins - DF Properties
John Doe
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“ PlanetVerify has simply transformed how we interact with the public, dramatically reducing the number of hours spent processing paperwork and allowing us to spend more time focusing on our clients needs all while automating our GDPR compliance.”

Brian D’Arcy – D’Arcy Real Estate & Letting Ltd

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