Revolutionising Telco Customer Onboarding with PlanetVerify

Introducing PlanetVerify for the Telecom Sector

Welcome to PlanetVerify, where we redefine customer onboarding and document verification in the telecom sector. Our cutting-edge platform streamlines workflow automation and ensures top-tier compliance with KYC, AML, and GDPR protocols. We are dedicated to transforming the way the telecom industry manages customer onboarding, making it more secure, efficient, and user-friendly.


Today, many telecom companies are still using legacy tools such as email to collect new customer information and documents — creating major time inefficiencies and opening the door to non-compliance and security risks.

  • Data compliance risks.
  • Multiple cyber security risks.
  • Time-consuming manual processes.
  • Lost and mishandled data.
  • Legacy processes taking time from core business activities.
  • Underwhelming onboarding experience.


With PlanetVerify, the entire new customer onboarding process can be fully digitized, automated, and secured — saving time, reducing security risk, and meeting data compliance requirements.

World-Class Customer Experience

New customers experience a seamless, fully automated, and on-brand onboarding experience. No need for ad-hoc communication to new customers requesting their documents and information. 

Digital Transformation

PlanetVerify helps telcos to streamline and transform their internal processes. New customer documents are collected automatically and applications can be bulk managed from a centralized dashboard. Automation tools provide teams with versatile workflow possibilities.

Data Compliance

Collect sensitive client documents and information while staying fully compliant with data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and WCAG.

Enhanced Security

PlanetVerify’s ISO 27001 certified platform helps telcos to eliminate the security risks associated with legacy client document and information collection methods like email.


With over 100,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies all over the globe to collect and manage sensitive client documents and information.  


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Why Choose PlanetVerify for Your Telecom Business?

PlanetVerify stands out in the competitive telecom landscape with its unique approach to customer onboarding. Unlike our competitors, we focus on creating comprehensive customer profiles, not just collecting files. This method offers a more personalised, effective customer experience, crucial in the high-stakes telecom sector.

  • GDPR Compliance: Ensuring data privacy and protection in every step of customer interaction.
  • Bespoke Solutions: Tailored support and integrations designed for the unique needs of telecom operators.
  • Advanced API System: Seamless integration with your existing telecom infrastructure for effortless onboarding.


Overcoming Telecom Onboarding Challenges with Ease

The telecom industry faces unique onboarding challenges, including high customer churn and rapid technological changes. PlanetVerify’s platform is specifically engineered to handle these challenges, offering a digital, self-paced onboarding experience that’s not only compliant but also customer-centric.

  • Digital Transformation: Our platform supports digital and self-paced onboarding, aligning with modern customer expectations.
  • Efficient Document Management: Streamline handling of customer documents, reducing the time and effort required for compliance and audit preparations.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: We provide extensive training materials and multiple support channels to assist customers throughout the onboarding process.


Expanding Horizons: Serving Telecoms in Ireland, the UK, and the USA

Initially focused on Ireland, PlanetVerify is now expanding its reach to the UK and USA, bringing its innovative solutions to a wider market. Our local presence in these regions, coupled with a network of channel partners in the Middle East and UAE, positions us uniquely to cater to the global telecom industry’s needs.


Our Competitive Edge: Affordable and Personalized Service

In a sector where pricing can be a deal-breaker, PlanetVerify offers competitive rates without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised service and superior customer support, including training and webinars, setting us apart in a market flooded with generic solutions.

Discover how PlanetVerify can transform your telecom company’s onboarding process. Contact us for a demo or to start your two-week free trial today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services does PlanetVerify offer to telecom companies?

PlanetVerify specialises in customer onboarding, document verification, and workflow automation. Our services are tailored to meet the compliance needs of KYC, AML, and GDPR, making us an ideal partner for telecom companies.

How does PlanetVerify ensure GDPR compliance?

We prioritise data privacy and protection in every interaction. Our platform is designed to comply with GDPR regulations, ensuring that customer data is handled securely and with utmost care.

Can PlanetVerify integrate with existing telecom systems?

Absolutely. Our platform features an advanced open API system, allowing for seamless integration with your existing telecom infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

What makes PlanetVerify different from competitors?

Unlike our competitors, we focus on creating comprehensive customer profiles rather than just collecting documents. This approach allows for more personalised and effective customer experiences, which is crucial in the telecom sector.

How does PlanetVerify help in reducing customer churn in telecom?

Our platform offers a digital, self-paced onboarding experience that aligns with modern customer expectations, helping telecom companies to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

What kind of support does PlanetVerify offer to its telecom clients?

We provide bespoke support and integrations, extensive training materials, webinars, and multiple support channels to ensure that our telecom clients receive the assistance they need throughout the onboarding process.

Is PlanetVerify’s service scalable for large telecom operators?

Yes, our solutions are scalable and can be customised to meet the needs of both small and large telecom operators.

What are the pricing options for PlanetVerify’s services in the telecom sector?

Our pricing is competitive and designed to offer value for money. For specific pricing details based on your company’s needs, please contact us directly.

Can PlanetVerify handle international clients, specifically in the UK and USA?

Yes, while we initially focused on Ireland, we have expanded to serve clients in the UK and the USA, and we’re equipped to handle the needs of international telecom operators.

How can I start using PlanetVerify for my telecom company?

To get started, contact us for a demo or sign up for our two-week free trial to experience how our platform can revolutionise your customer onboarding process.