Rapid, Secure, and Compliant New Customer Onboarding for Telecommunications Companies

Leading Telecommunications Companies use PlanetVerify to deliver a World-Class New Customer Onboarding Experience.


Today, many telecom companies are still using legacy tools such as email to collect new customer information and documents — creating major time inefficiencies and opening the door to non-compliance and security risks.

  • Data compliance risks.
  • Multiple cyber security risks.
  • Time-consuming manual processes.
  • Lost and mishandled data.
  • Legacy processes taking time from core business activities.
  • Underwhelming onboarding experience.


With PlanetVerify, the entire new customer onboarding process can be fully digitized, automated, and secured — saving time, reducing security risk, and meeting data compliance requirements.

World-Class Customer Experience

New customers experience a seamless, fully automated, and on-brand onboarding experience. No need for ad-hoc communication to new customers requesting their documents and information. 

Digital Transformation

PlanetVerify helps telcos to streamline and transform their internal processes. New customer documents are collected automatically and applications can be bulk managed from a centralized dashboard. Automation tools provide teams with versatile workflow possibilities.

Data Compliance

Collect sensitive client documents and information while staying fully compliant with data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and WCAG.

Enhanced Security

PlanetVerify’s ISO 27001 certified platform helps telcos to eliminate the security risks associated with legacy client document and information collection methods like email.


With over 100,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies all over the globe to collect and manage sensitive client documents and information.  


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