How Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings Saved 25 Hours per Week with PlanetVerify

Sherry FitzGerald Lettings is an award-winning Residential Lettings & Management Property Company based in Dublin. The company’s goal is to ensure that landlords and tenants receive an unrivalled service.

Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings were facing a challenge in the collection of tenant documents and data. Before any tenant could move into a property, data such as PPS numbers, financial history, landlord references, and utility bills had to be processed. The team was collecting this data via email and phone, but the process had grown to be very time-consuming.

As one of the most forward-thinking companies in the property management space, Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings wanted to find a way they could leverage technology to solve their tenant data collection challenge.


At a glance:

  • The team was using email and phone to collect tenant documents – creating hours of manual work.

  • Introduced PlanetVerify as a way of collecting and managing tenant data.

  • 25 hours of manual work saved per week.
  • Improved tenant onboarding experience.
  • Increased security
  • GDPR Compliance


Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings rolled out PlanetVerify as a new way to collect and manage tenant data. The team was up and running after a single kick-off session.

  • Central Location: PlanetVerify became a new hub from which the team could request and manage tenant data.
  • Automation: PlanetVerify automated the tenant data collection process.
  • Data Purging: Tenant data from closed applications could now be purged and an automated email sent to the user to inform them their data had been purged.

“Planet Verify saves us up to 25 man-hours a week – that’s like a part-time member of staff.”

Mandy Meredith, Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings


PlanetVerify helped Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings eliminate 25 hours of manual work per week.

  • No longer any need to chase up paperwork via email or phone.
  • Instant visibility into the status of each application through the PlanetVerify dashboard.
  • No longer any need to itemize missing tenant items.
  • Reduction in number of inbound enquiries as tenants navigate PlanetVerify with ease.
  • PlanetVerify helps Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings to remain data compliant and enhances the security of their data collection processes.

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