How DF Properties Streamlined and Secured their Tenant Onboarding Process with PlanetVerify

DF Properties is a letting and property management agency based in Limerick, Ireland. Their aim is to not only achieve the best rental income but the very best tenants possible for their landlords. Owner, Dorothea Fahy is proud to operate her business with its driving focus being that “her clients are king” and committed to providing a top class service to all her clients.


The relative shortage of rental properties in Limerick meant that any time DF Properties advertised a property online, they would get inundated with email enquiries. The team was spending hours sorting through these emails, trying to find the most suitable tenants. They also had to reply to the other enquiries and were also encountering a high number of follow up phone calls. All-in-all, the situation was distracting the team from core business activities and they were looking for a new way to manage tenant enquiries.

At a glance: 

Challenge: DF Properties were getting inundated with email enquiries – creating hours of manual work for the team.

Solution: DF integrated their online property ads with PlanetVerify.

Results: Hours of manual work eliminated, full data compliance, and improved tenant experience.


Step 1: An integration was set up to capture tenant enquiry emails from and trigger a response back to tenants to complete a PlanetVerify data request for some basic tenant information such as name, number of tenants, etc.

Step 2:

The data collected by PlanetVerify was now visible on the dashboard — the team at DF could immediately see when logging on, which enquiries had been completed or were incomplete and could quickly create a shortlist of suitable tenants. Both the application form and original email content is visible on the PlanetVerify dashboard, allowing the agent to fully assess the tenants credentials.

Step 3:

The DF team can easily sort through applicants via the PlanetVerify dashboard and unsuccessful applications can be checked off and sent an automated email informing them of the outcome of their application.

“We find that PlanetVerify has significantly improved our time management. By keeping all tenant applications together, it has saved our team having to search through countless emails to find the correct application and reference document.”


PlanetVerify helps DF Properties to meet their commitment to provide a top class service to all their clients. There was no lengthy implementation period with PlanetVerify, instead, the team at DF Properties were able to get up and running after a single kick-off session and quickly began to see a range of benefits.

  • Time Savings: Instead of spending hours in the week sorting through ad-hoc email responses, the team at DF could access and sort through new applications with ease using the PlanetVerify dashboard.
  • Screening Process: Previously serious applicants would have come in through the same route as those only asking questions but not really committed to the rental opportunity. Non-serious applicants were now immediately visible through the PlanetVerify dashboard and the DF team no longer had to spend time replying individually.
  • Increased Security: Instead of collecting information via email, tenant data is now stored in PlanetVerify’s cloud-based, two factor authenticated platform.
  • GDPR Compliance: PlanetVerify’s GDPR tools such as automated data purging feature of successful applicants helps agencies like DF Properties ensure they remain fully data compliant at all times.
  • Client Experience: Clients now experience a highly professional, on-brand series of emails from DF Properties as data and documents are submitted via PlanetVerify.

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