PlanetVerify: Revolutionising Document Collection and GDPR Compliance

PlanetVerify's secure file collection and personal data management solution helps companies meet GDPR Compliance requirements.

Secure, Efficient, and Compliant Document Handling for Modern Businesses

Experience the future of document collection and GDPR compliance with PlanetVerify. Our platform, essential in an era prioritising data security and efficient workflow, stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Specialising in customer onboarding, document verification, and workflow automation, we serve a diverse range of industries, including lettings, legal firms, and HR solutions. With a keen focus on KYC and AML protocols, PlanetVerify ensures your business stays at the forefront of compliance and operational efficiency.

How does PlanetVerify support your GDPR compliance efforts?

The PlanetVerify platform was built specifically with compliance in mind and includes a number of features companies use to support their GDPR Compliance program – including secure document and personal data collection, end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access controls, personal data auditing, and data purging. Below we delve into the specifics of how exactly PlanetVerify can help your company meet GDPR Compliance requirements.

What GDPR Requires:

How PlanetVerify Supports:

Right to be Forgotten: The “right to be forgotten”  allows individuals to request the erasure or removal of their personal data from the systems or platforms of data controllers and processors.

PlanetVerify users can run a Privacy Audit at any time that will quickly surface any personal data that is stored on the system. This data can then be purged if there is a requirement to do so. Alternatively, users can set up automated data purging rules before any data is collected.

Right of Access – GDPR allows individuals to obtain confirmation of whether their personal data is being processed and to request access to that data, including information about how it is being used and shared.

PlanetVerify helps companies meet data portability requirements through our data export feature. Upon request, all documents and personal data a company holds on an individual can be accessed and exported with ease.

Right of Data Portability – Data portability enables individuals to receive their personal data from a data controller in a commonly used and machine-readable format, and to have the option to transmit that data to another data controller without hindrance.

PlanetVerify helps companies meet data portability requirements through our data export feature. Upon request, all documents and personal data a company holds on an individual can be accessed and exported with ease.

Data Integrity and Secure Transmission of Data – GDPR requires organizations to implement measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal data, including safeguards for secure transmission of data, protecting it from unauthorized access, accidental loss, or alteration.

PlanetVerify adheres to the highest possible security levels and has been fully and independently certified for ISO 27001 international standard. Our platform also possesses end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and user permission settings to ensure only authorized users have access to the relevant personal data.

Full Document and Workflow Audit – In GDPR, a full document and workflow audit refers to the process of conducting a comprehensive review and analysis of an organization’s data processing activities, including the documentation and workflows involved, to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements.

With PlanetVerify, only authenticated and permissioned users can access an individual’s personal data and documents. The Team Settings area shows who has permission to access personal data and documents. Data can be shared or assigned across multiple departments through the PlanetVerify platform in a secure and compliant way.



What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a data protection and privacy law that was implemented in the European Union (EU) in May 2018. GDPR sets out rules and regulations for the processing and protection of personal data of EU citizens. It aims to give individuals greater control over their personal data and requires organizations to handle personal data responsibly and securely. GDPR includes provisions related to consent, data breach notification, the right to access and delete personal data, and the appointment of data protection officers, among other things.

Who has to comply with GDPR?

Any company that collects personal data belonging to an EU citizen is obligated to protect this data under GDPR regardless of the company’s location.

What are the benefits of complying with GDPR?

The benefits of GDPR compliance for companies is increased customer trust, enhanced security, and transparency around the way personal data is managed. GDPR compliance also puts the onus on companies to streamline internal processes, reduce risks, and implement better data protection controls.

What if you fail to comply with GDPR?

Companies that fail to comply with GDPR can face severe consequences. They may be subject to substantial fines, which can reach up to 4% of their annual global turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. Additionally, non-compliant organizations risk damage to their reputation, loss of customer trust, and potential legal action from affected individuals or regulatory authorities.


With over 120,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies all around the world to collect, manage, and share sensitive files and information in a GDPR Compliant manner.  

Building a Strong GDPR Compliance Program with PlanetVerify

Collection, storage, verification and compliance with the GDPR and all other data protection rules and regulations is made easiest with the privacy by design approach adopted by PlanetVerify. Creating an infrastructure to collect, manage and monitor your client or customers personal data in real time has never been so integral to the core functionality of companies as it is today. 

Using PlanetVerify to achieve your GDPR goals will position you as a safe, fortified and trustworthy company and do away with later stresses of dealing with any unwanted data protection breaches, or Subject Access Request (SAR) your company might be unprepared for.

  • Comprehensive GDPR Compliance: Streamline your GDPR efforts with our secure document collection and personal data management features.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Experience peace of mind with end-to-end data encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Flexible Data Handling: Our open API system facilitates seamless integration, offering a tailored approach to your data collection needs.
  • Global Expansion: Initially focused on Ireland, we’re growing rapidly in the UK and USA, bringing our unique solutions to a wider market.
  • Competitive Pricing: Benefit from high-quality services at costs often more affordable than industry alternatives.


Key Features of PlanetVerify:

    • GDPR-centric platform design for optimal compliance.
    • User-friendly data export features for data portability.
    • ISO 27001 certified for top-tier security.
    • Real-time Privacy Audit capabilities for transparent data management.
    • Automated data purging rules to respect user privacy.
    • Our Unique Selling Points:
      • Extensive global network, including strong presences in India, the Middle East, and UAE.
      • Bespoke client support and integration for a personalised service experience.
      • Rigorous adherence to GDPR compliance, ensuring your data is handled securely and efficiently.


FAQs for PlanetVerify

1 – What services does PlanetVerify offer?

PlanetVerify specialises in customer onboarding, document verification, and workflow automation, with a strong focus on KYC and AML protocols. Our platform is ideal for industries that require secure document collection, such as lettings, mortgage companies, legal firms, and HR solutions.

2 – How does PlanetVerify ensure GDPR compliance?

Our platform is designed with GDPR compliance at its core. We offer secure document collection, end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access controls, and personal data auditing features. Additionally, we provide data purging capabilities to adhere to the GDPR “Right to be Forgotten.”

3 – Can PlanetVerify integrate with existing systems?

Yes, our open API system allows for seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to our platform.

4 – What makes PlanetVerify different from its competitors?

Apart from competitive pricing, PlanetVerify offers personalised, scalable solutions with superior customer support. Our emphasis on comprehensive profiles rather than just file collection, along with our compliance with GDPR, sets us apart in the market.

5 – Is PlanetVerify suitable for international operations?

Absolutely. While we initially focused on Ireland, we are expanding our services to the UK and the USA, equipped to handle the compliance and document management needs of a global clientele.

6 – What security certifications does PlanetVerify hold?

We are proud to be fully and independently certified for ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management.

7 – What are some key features of PlanetVerify’s platform?

Key features include GDPR-focused design, advanced security measures like encryption and multi-factor authentication, flexible data handling through our open API, and real-time Privacy Audit capabilities.

8 – Does PlanetVerify offer any trials or demos?

Yes, we offer a two-week free trial to new users, alongside the opportunity to book a demo to explore our platform’s capabilities in detail.

9 – How does PlanetVerify support data portability?

Our data export feature enables companies to meet data portability requirements efficiently. Upon request, all documents and personal data a company holds on an individual can be accessed and exported with ease.

10 – Who can benefit from using PlanetVerify?

Our services are beneficial for any industry that requires secure and efficient document management and needs to comply with data protection laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the rental market, legal firms, HR departments, and accounting firms.


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