Telecommunications Company Case Study

How a leading telecommunications company transformed their customer sign up process with PlanetVerify

One of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies wanted to find a way to streamline and secure their new customer sign up process. Digital transformation was a high priority internal initiative and the area of customer sign ups was a particular focus. 

When it comes to customer sign ups, there are three main problems that mobile operators face: Fraud, Data Compliance and Friction – and they are all related. For example, personal data compliance would not be a problem if there was no need to collect such data to fight fraud – and collecting and verifying personal data adds friction which can lead to sales drop-off. As a result, Service Providers must thread a fine line between a seamless customer journey, whilst operating in a complex regulatory framework, and the need to protect the business against fraudulent activities.


For telcos, the problem areas of Fraud, Data Compliance, and Friction are all interlinked and, within each area, there are a number of pain points that can only be solved by adopting a holistic approach.

  1. For the service provider to prevent fraud, they needed to figure out a solution that would counteract complex fraud, organized crime, and employee fraud. 
  2. In order to prevent fraud, the company would need to collect ID documents in such a way that they adhered to GDPR and customer data privacy regulations. 
  3. Finally, the telco needed a solution that would prioritize the customer experience. The customer must be made feel at ease and be able to share their sensitive documents in a convenient, secure, and frictionless manner. 


The company was still relying on legacy tools like email to collect ID documents during customer sign up. The situation was an overly manual process that created a number of inefficiencies as well as issues around security and compliance.

  • The existing process was extremely time-consuming and the team was spending hours each week manually collecting and verifying documents.
  • Collecting documents and customer’ personally identifiable information (PII) via email is high risk from a security standpoint. Email, after all, is the number one cause of data breaches today.
  • The company needed a way to ensure their sign up process was GDPR compliant.
  • Customer experience was also a high priority – the company wanted to find a way to provide new customers with the on-brand and secure digital experience the modern customer expects.

At a glance:


  • The telco was spending hours collecting ID documents manually via email and follow up phone calls.
  • Need a holistic solution that would address fraud, data compliance, and ensure a frictionless customer experience.



  • Introduced PlanetVerify as the new way to collect and manage customer documents and personal data during the sign up process.



  • 97% reduction in outbound calls
  • 30% reductions in cancellations
  • 91% of documents returned in 24 hours


It was clear to the team at PlanetVerify that any solution must be holistic and address each of the three problem areas of Fraud, Data Compliance, and Friction. Reducing fraud could not come at the cost of adding friction to the new customer sign up process – because extra friction would negatively impact sales. Similarly, any solution that did not adhere to GDPR requirements would leave the company exposed to potential fines and reputational damage. 

The solution was designed with PlanetVerify acting as an intermediary between the customer and the Telco. This step – although seamless in terms of customer experience – was important as it gave customers a clear indication that the company was taking fraud and personal data compliance seriously.  An API was used to gather data from the online sales process and trigger the identification process – which takes place entirely within the PlanetVerify ecosystem. Upon sign up, a PlanetVerify link would be auto-triggered and sent to the customer. This link brought the customer to a secure gateway to upload their ID documents. 

Key aspects of the solution included:

  • Automated Process: PlanetVerify automated the entire data and ID collection process – including sending reminders to customers with unfinished applications.
  • Visibility: The operations team could now see the status of each application at a glance via their PlanetVerify dashboard.
  • Manual Tasks Eliminated: There was no longer any need to follow up or call people who submitted incorrect documentation. One click of a button and an item could be rejected and an automatic notification sent to upload the correct document.
  • Improved customer relations: Customers were able to navigate the PlanetVerify data collection process with ease, supported by PlanetVerify’s webchat.
  • Compliance: In addition to the time-savings, profiles could easily be assigned for additional checks and any potential fraud issues were immediately visible.
  • Workflows: Users could route applications to various internal teams via PlanetVerify for situations that required extra fraud checks.


PlanetVerify’s solution helped the Telco to reduce fraud as well as boost operational efficiency, security, and ensure GDPR compliance during the sign up process. Finally, new customers experienced a modern, digital and on-brand sign up process that meets modern expectations.

Key results:

  • 97% reduction in outbound calls
  • 30% reductions in cancellations
  • 91% of documents returned in 24 hours
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased security and fraud detection
  • GDPR compliance

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