PlanetVerify Launches Free Plan for Simple Document Collection Workflows

Streamlined document and information collection

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This month PlanetVerify has launched a new free plan that allows users to take advantage of some of our most popular features and to help them automate their document collection process.

This new plan is perfect for companies with limited document collection needs who want to move away from legacy processes such as using email for collecting documents and sensitive client information. Our free plan also gives companies a chance to see for themselves the benefits PlanetVerify can bring in terms of efficiency, security, and compliance. 

The free plan includes:

  • 1 user
  • 3 data request per month
  • QuickLinks / QR Codes
  • GDPR Tools
  • Branded emails

For companies with more complex use cases and workflows, there are other plans to choose from which cater for more users, more data requests, and API integrations.


Digitizing Customer Journeys with PlanetVerify

PlanetVerify is used by companies across a range of industries including property, accounting, finance, and telco to digitize and streamline the customer journey. 

Many companies today are still relying on legacy processes and tools like email and phone to complete their customer interactions – which ultimately creates an underwhelming customer experience and internal inefficiency. Document collection in particular is one area many companies fall down on and using email attachments and phone calls to collect documents is rife with security risks. 

PlanetVerify helps companies to develop highly secure, automated document collection workflows that put the customer first. With PlanetVerify, companies can interact with clients in an on-brand and automated manner – while also ensuring personal data is secured and managed in a compliant manner. 


About PlanetVerify

PlanetVerify was founded in 2014 as a way for companies to collect client documents and information in a streamlined, secure, and compliant manner. Since then, we have developed our platform to help companies across many industries digitize their customer journey.

We have built integrations with many of the leading enterprise systems and companies use our system to develop digital, customer-first workflows which bring together document collection, ID verification, GDPR compliance, customer interaction, and much more. Our customers regularly describe PlanetVerify as a “game-changer” that transforms the way they interact with customers.

Companies can sign up for a free account with PlanetVerify here! 

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