Secure File Sharing Software

PlanetVerify provides companies with an end-to-end encrypted and highly secure file sharing solution.

PlanetVerify provides a secure file sharing software solution that helps companies to digitize legacy file sharing processes. Instead of using legacy tools like email and attachments to collect and share files with clients, PlanetVerify provides an end-to-end encrypted and cloud-based solution.

What is Secure File Sharing Software?

Secure file sharing software refers to a program used to send and receive files between users and/or organizations using security protocols such as encryption to secure in-transit data.

Why Secure File Sharing Software?

Secure file sharing software is a growing area of concern for businesses today. In terms of software security, the threat landscape is constantly evolving and companies must stay agile and proactive in their threat mitigation and prevention efforts. File sharing is one area that companies need to remain particularly vigilant of. There are many risks associated with file sharing and those companies that are slow to react and still persist with legacy file sharing processes involving email and other tools are leaving themselves vulnerable to security risks like malware and trojan horse attacks. 

It is important to remember that email is a tool that has been around since 1971 and was not built with modern security concerns in mind. The same might also be said of those more basic client portal solutions which require a lot of manual uploading and downloading of files. Any file sharing software solution that requires users to manually download documents and re-share with clients is going to be a productivity as well as security issue.

Evolving compliance requirements such as those introduced by GDPR is another reason behind the growing need for secure file sharing software. Any files which contain a client’s personally identifiable information may come under compliance regulations and this data must be managed in a compliant way. If your company is still using a legacy tool like email or even in-person meetings for sharing files, then you will run the risk of non-compliance which can damage your company both financially and reputationally.

Accessibility is another issue to consider. Companies are looking towards secure file sharing software solutions that enable them to maintain control over accessibility and permissioning – ensuring only the intended recipient has access to the file.


Secure File Sharing Software Benefits

Implementing secure file sharing software into your company brings with it a number of benefits.

Client Experience – An insecure, ad hoc, and disorganized file sharing process is one of the quickest ways to upset a new client. The modern client is growing increasingly conscientious around security and if you begin a new client relationship by sharing some sensitive files with them via email you are leaving you and your company wide open for criticism. Clients today expect that their files will be managed in a highly secure and professional manner at all times.

Security – As the name suggests, secure file sharing software, quite obviously, comes with some major security benefits. First off, you can eliminate the potential for malware and other security threats associated with legacy file sharing methods like email and the more basic client portal solutions out there. You can also ensure that files are only shared with the intended recipient. In  general, secure file sharing software can make your internal company processes more secure.  

Compliance – The leading solutions are built with modern compliance requirements in mind and can help you build robust and scalable compliance processes which will help you steer clear of any non-compliance issues.

Productivity – Legacy file sharing processes are one of the biggest productivity killers in business today. For many companies, teams are still wasting hours and hours each week chasing and sharing documents in an ad hoc way. Take for instance a situation where you need to collect a number of files from a new client. For some companies, the next step here is a series of emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings arranged to collect said documents. Such processes are wildly inefficient and distract from key business and revenue-generating activities. The leading secure file sharing solutions also come with features that will help you build efficient document workflows such as automating the document collection process.


With over 120,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies around the world to collect, manage, and share sensitive client files and information.  

Secure File Sharing Software - Key Features

As you weigh up the pros and cons of various secure file sharing software solutions, there are a couple of key features to keep in mind. 

  1. Automated Workflows – The best-in-class solutions will provide you with a way to automate your legacy file sharing processes. Tasks around file collection, onboarding, and internal approvals should be automated as much as possible and can bring huge productivity gains to your organization. Ideally, you will look to implement solutions that can help your digital transformation efforts.
  2. Enterprise Grade Security – When it comes to file sharing, do not accept anything less than the absolute gold standard. Platforms that adhere to industry security standards like ISO 27001 will help you bring the highest level of security to your file sharing process.
  3. Simple Implementation – While not strictly a feature, you must keep ease of implementation in mind. Weigh up how long any new system will take to fully implement and roll out. It is worth remembering that a painful implementation process can derail a new internal system. Ideally, your new file sharing software solution should be quick to roll-out and demonstrate its value. 
  4. Built-in Data Compliance – Data compliance is now a vitally important part of file sharing. There are some platforms out there that will help you meet your compliance requirements, and there are many that won’t. As you engage with different software vendors, find out exactly how their system can help you meet data compliance regulations.

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