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Empowering Efficiency in Mortgage Processing

In the dynamic world of UK financial services, mortgage lenders and brokers grapple with the challenge of maintaining efficiency while adhering to strict compliance and security standards. Traditional methods of document collection often cause delays, security concerns, and operational inefficiencies. Enter PlanetVerify, a cutting-edge solution reshaping the mortgage application process for the digital era.

The Challenge: Overcoming Legacy Limitations

Legacy systems in mortgage processing typically result in:

  • Extended loan application timelines.
  • Increased administrative costs and workloads.
  • Risks of mismanaging client information.
  • Diversion of resources from key business activities.
  • Poor client experiences and heightened compliance risks.

The PlanetVerify Solution: Merging Efficiency, Security, and Compliance

PlanetVerify revolutionises the mortgage application journey. Our platform delivers:

  • Exceptional Customer Experience: A streamlined, fully automated mortgage application process in line with your brand identity. We eliminate ad-hoc document requests, providing a smooth experience for your customers.
  • Digital Transformation: We transform time-intensive manual tasks into a secure, automated digital workflow. Our centralised dashboard facilitates bulk management of customer documents, boosting operational efficiency.
  • Rapid Processing Times: Our automation tools significantly cut down application processing times, ensuring swift and accurate collection of necessary information.
  • Robust Security: Our ISO 27001 certified platform mitigates the risks associated with conventional document collection methods.
  • Data Compliance Mastery: Stay compliant with GDPR, ensuring secure and lawful management of customer data throughout the mortgage application process.



PlanetVerify is trusted by companies across the UK and beyond for secure, efficient client document management during the onboarding process. Join our community and transform your client onboarding experience.

The PlanetVerify Advantage: Setting a New Standard

  • User-Friendly: No complex software installations needed. Start using our cloud-based platform straight away after a brief introduction.
  • Customisable and Adaptable: Our solution integrates effortlessly with your existing systems, tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Security and Compliance Focused: Designed to meet the evolving security and data compliance challenges in the UK.
  • Focus on Your Core Business: Automate and streamline old processes, freeing you to concentrate on key business activities.

Transforming Mortgage Document Collection: A Client-Centric Approach

At PlanetVerify, we recognise the unique needs of each client. Our solution is flexible, scalable, and customisable, catering to everything from high-volume applications to specific compliance needs. Our platform handles everything with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Join the Digital Mortgage Revolution

PlanetVerify is your partner in digital transformation. Trusted globally by over 100,000 users, our platform is renowned for secure and efficient document management. Discover a better way to handle mortgage applications – less hassle for your team, a superior experience for your clients.


How does PlanetVerify streamline the mortgage document collection process in the UK? PlanetVerify automates and secures the mortgage document collection process, turning traditional tasks into an efficient digital workflow. Our platform allows quick collection and management of documents via a centralised dashboard, greatly reducing processing times and enhancing operational efficiency.

Is PlanetVerify compliant with UK data protection laws? Absolutely. PlanetVerify is fully compliant with GDPR, ensuring the security and lawful handling of customer information throughout the mortgage application process.

Can PlanetVerify integrate with my existing mortgage processing systems? Yes, our platform is designed for seamless integration with your current systems. PlanetVerify provides customisable solutions to ensure smooth integration that meets your specific business needs.

What security measures does PlanetVerify employ? Our platform is ISO 27001 certified, maintaining the highest standards of data security. We utilise advanced encryption and secure data handling protocols to safeguard against risks associated with traditional document collection methods.

How does PlanetVerify enhance client experience in mortgage processing? We provide a fully automated and branded mortgage application experience, removing the need for ad-hoc document requests. This not only streamlines the process for your clients but also ensures consistent and professional brand engagement.

What types of organisations benefit from using PlanetVerify in the UK? PlanetVerify is ideal for mortgage lenders, brokers, financial institutions, and any organisation involved in mortgage processing that requires efficient, secure, and compliant document collection and management.

How does automation with PlanetVerify affect turnaround times for mortgage applications? Our automation tools dramatically reduce the time needed for mortgage application processing. By automating the collection and management of sensitive information and documents, we enable quick turnaround times, boosting overall efficiency.

Does PlanetVerify offer training or support services? Yes, we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure you and your team fully utilise our platform. Our support includes personalised training sessions, webinars, and dedicated customer service.

Can PlanetVerify handle high volumes of mortgage applications? Yes, our platform is scalable and can efficiently manage high volumes of mortgage applications. It’s designed to accommodate both small and large-scale operations, maintaining high efficiency and accuracy regardless of volume.

How can I start using PlanetVerify in the UK? Getting started is straightforward. Just book a demo with us, and we’ll guide you through the setup process. You’ll be operational swiftly, experiencing a new level of efficiency and security in mortgage document collection.

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