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PlanetVerify is a FileInvite alternative companies use to collect client documents and information - in a simple, secure, and compliant way. Try it out today to see how your team can save time, reduce security risks, and provide a world-class client experience.

FileInvite Competitors - PlanetVerify

FileInvite provides a solution that helps companies request documents and files from clients — an area that PlanetVerify specializes in. PlanetVerify’s FileInvite alternative automates and securing the entire client document and information collection process — helping your team reclaim hours in lost productivity, reduce security and compliance risk, and provide clients with a world-class experience.


Trusted Platform

With over 100,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies all over the globe to collect and manage sensitive client documents and information.  

FileInvite Alternative - PlanetVerify Comparison

Many document and information collection systems simply create a portal for clients to upload files and complete PDFs online. PlanetVerify offers more than just a portal for uploading documents, it is a workflow and process management tool to help organizations manage the collection of documents and sensitive client information in order to comply with GDPR and other data regulations.

PlanetVerify allows you to collect the information you need at the times you need it in your workflow process. You can build a full profile of your clients, you can add additional documents and files to augment the profiles at any stage, you can reject documents using custom reasons, and you can bulk-decline or approve a number of profiles including customer notifications.

PlanetVerify is a scalable solution that enables companies to collect large volumes of client documents and information with ease. Our FileInvite alternative is built specifically to meet the evolving compliance and security requirements around collecting and managing sensitive client information and files.

FileInvite Comparison

There are a number of factors to consider as you weigh up which FileInvite alternative is right for your business. The table below goes into more detail on the types of features to look out for, and how PlanetVerify goes beyond traditional client document and information collection systems.

PlanetVerify Traditional Client Document Collection Sytems
Collect Documents/Information
Client Portal
Enhanced Security
Automated Document Flow
Verification Tools
Compliance Tools
Workflow Management

FileInvite Alternative Assessment Criteria

When assessing FileInvite alternatives and other client document collection systems, you should consider the following questions.

  • How long will it take to implement the platform and what does the implementation process look like?
  • How long will it take our team to become fully trained power users of the platform?
  • How does your platform help our company manage regulations around client data compliance?
  • Does your solution help us automate and streamline legacy processes? If so, how does this process work?
  • Does your platform integrate with our existing systems?
  • How does your solution cater for mobile users?
  • What security standards does your platform adhere to?

How Does PlanetVerify Work


Put together a list of documents and information you require from a client. Lists may be used over and over.


Once you activate the “Send Data Requests” the automated collection process goes to work, saving your team valuable time.


The client receives a link to their device or pc via email/SMS. Documents can be shared in seconds.


Scheduled email and SMS reminders ensure everything is collected.


Powerful end-to-end encryption protects your data and as email collection is bypassed, risk from email attachments is neutralised.


Intelligent automation means data arrives fully arranged and organised, easy to find, store and process.

FileInvite Comparison - The PlanetVerify Advantage

PlanetVerify’s FileInvite alternative provides companies with a range of benefits. 


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