Pioneering Digital Onboarding Solutions for Banks

Innovating Digital Onboarding in Banking with Secure, Efficient Solutions

PlanetVerify is a leader in transforming the digital onboarding landscape for banks and corporate banking institutions. Specialising in digital onboarding solutions for banks, our platform is designed to streamline the onboarding process, ensuring top-tier security and efficiency. Our solutions cater to the evolving needs of digital onboarding in banking, emphasising KYC, AML, and GDPR compliance.

Unmatched Expertise in Digital Onboarding for Banks

At PlanetVerify, our expertise in digital onboarding bank processes is unparalleled. We understand the unique challenges of digital onboarding in corporate banking, providing solutions that seamlessly blend with existing banking systems. Our approach simplifies the digital transition, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both customers and banking professionals.

Advanced Security with Digital Identity Verification

Security is paramount in the banking industry. Our digital identity verification for banking is built on robust security protocols, ensuring the highest level of data protection and compliance with international standards. With PlanetVerify, banks can confidently navigate the complexities of KYC, AML, and GDPR, safeguarding their customer’s information while maintaining operational efficiency.

Enhancing Customer Onboarding Experience

We believe that the success of digital onboarding in banking hinges on customer experience. Our solutions are designed to make the digital onboarding bank process as smooth and intuitive as possible. From initial application to final account setup, every step is streamlined for ease and convenience, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customised Solutions for Every Banking Need

Recognizing the diverse needs of the banking sector, PlanetVerify offers customised digital onboarding solutions. Whether it’s retail banking or corporate banking onboarding, our adaptable platform meets the specific requirements of each institution. We provide bespoke solutions that align with your strategic goals, ensuring that your digital onboarding process stands out in the market.

  • Comprehensive Digital Onboarding: Specialising in both retail and corporate banking onboarding.
  • Robust Identity Verification: Leading-edge technology for secure digital identity verification in banking.
  • Seamless System Integration: Easy integration with existing banking infrastructures.
  • Enhanced Customer Journey: User-centric design for an improved digital onboarding experience.
  • Global Standards Compliance: Adherence to international compliance standards in KYC, AML, and GDPR.
  • Innovative Technology: Utilising the latest advancements for efficient and secure banking processes.


Key Advantages of PlanetVerify’s Digital Onboarding for Banks

  1. Streamlined Onboarding Processes: Making customer acquisition faster and more efficient in the banking sector.
  2. Rigorous Compliance Framework: Ensuring global compliance standards are met with ease.
  3. Tailored Banking Solutions: Custom solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each banking client.
  4. Advanced Document Management: Efficient handling and verification of documents in digital onboarding.
  5. Global Outreach with Local Insight: Combining international expertise with local market understanding.
  6. Cutting-Edge Technological Integration: Incorporating the latest tech trends for enhanced digital onboarding experiences.
  7. Continuous Support and Training: Dedicated customer support and training for seamless onboarding implementation.
  8. Scalable Solutions for Growth: Adaptable platforms that grow with your banking institution’s needs.


With over 120,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies around the world to collect, manage, and share sensitive client files and information.  


What makes PlanetVerify’s digital onboarding solutions unique for banks? PlanetVerify offers a unique blend of secure digital identity verification, seamless integration with existing banking systems, and tailored solutions that cater to both retail and corporate banking needs. Our emphasis on user experience and compliance with international standards sets us apart in the digital onboarding landscape.


How does PlanetVerify ensure security and compliance in digital onboarding? Security and compliance are at the core of our services. We use advanced technology for digital identity verification and adhere to stringent international standards, including KYC, AML, and GDPR. This ensures the highest level of data protection and compliance for our banking clients.


Can PlanetVerify’s solutions be integrated with existing banking systems? Absolutely. Our digital onboarding solutions are designed for easy integration with current banking infrastructures, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in banking operations.


How does digital onboarding improve customer experience in banking? Our digital onboarding process is streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly, significantly reducing the time and complexity involved in acquiring new banking customers. This enhances customer satisfaction and helps in building long-term customer relationships.


Are PlanetVerify’s solutions adaptable to different types of banks? Yes, our solutions are highly adaptable. Whether it’s for a small retail bank or a large corporate banking institution, we offer customised solutions that cater to the specific needs and goals of different types of banks.

Does PlanetVerify offer support and training for its digital onboarding solutions? We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure that our clients can fully leverage the benefits of our digital onboarding solutions. Our team is dedicated to assisting clients throughout the implementation process and beyond.

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