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Revolutionise Client Onboarding with PlanetVerify

Discover the future of client onboarding in the UK with PlanetVerify’s innovative digital solution. Our platform is designed to make the onboarding process swift, secure, and fully compliant with UK regulations, including GDPR. Ideal for a variety of industries, from financial services to legal and insurance, PlanetVerify streamlines client due diligence, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance into a seamless experience.

Why Choose PlanetVerify for Your Client Onboarding?

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automate client-facing workflows to transform time-consuming onboarding tasks into an efficient, streamlined process. Reduce onboarding times and speed up your journey to revenue.
  • Global Standards, Local Compliance: Tailored to meet the rigorous standards of global business and the specific compliance needs of the UK market, our software empowers you to expand with confidence.
  • Seamless Integration: No need for complex installations. Get started on our cloud-based platform swiftly with a comprehensive onboarding session, and enjoy a solution that’s both flexible and compatible with your existing systems.
  • Secure and Compliant Data Handling: Built to address the evolving demands for security and data compliance, PlanetVerify automates the collection of client documents, ensuring your processes are both secure and compliant with UK data protection laws.

Key Features

  • Automated Document Collection: Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting client documents through email. Our platform automates and secures this process, ensuring compliance and enhancing the client experience.
  • Centralised Client Dashboard: Monitor each client’s onboarding status in real-time from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Professional Communication: Our tools help you maintain brand consistency and professionalism in all client communications, meeting the high expectations of today’s clients.
  • GDPR Compliance: With data privacy at its core, our software includes features for controlled collection of personal data and data purging, aligning with GDPR requirements.



PlanetVerify is trusted by companies across the UK and beyond for secure, efficient client document management during the onboarding process. Join our community and transform your client onboarding experience.


1 – What sets PlanetVerify apart in client onboarding? PlanetVerify excels through its integration of speed, security, and compliance, automating workflows and ensuring seamless integration with your business ecosystem.

2 – How is the client onboarding experience improved? We offer a simplified, engaging portal that minimises manual outreach and enhances client engagement, streamlining the entire onboarding journey.

3 – Can the software integrate with existing business tools? Yes, thanks to open APIs, PlanetVerify smoothly integrates with various business tools, enriching your apps ecosystem without disrupting existing workflows.

4 – Is the onboarding process customizable? Our platform supports no-code customization, allowing you to tailor the onboarding experience to your unique business needs effortlessly.

5 – How does PlanetVerify ensure data privacy compliance? By embedding your policies and controls into the onboarding process, we guarantee compliance with stringent data privacy regulations.

6 – Is there mobile support for client onboarding? Absolutely, our platform is mobile-optimised, and we provide a free app to facilitate onboarding and collaboration on the go.

7 – What impact does PlanetVerify have on operational efficiency? By digitising and automating the onboarding process, our software not only accelerates time-to-onboard but also significantly reduces time-to-revenue, freeing your team to focus on core operations.

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