REA Halnon Humphreys Case Study

How REA Halnon Humphreys made Landlord and Tenant Applications Faster, More Secure, and GDPR Compliant


REA Halnon Humphreys is a leading estate agency serving clients throughout Wexford, Wicklow, and Dublin. They are a young, fresh, and contemporary company with a mission to assist all their clients, whether buying, selling, or letting a property in an efficient and innovative manner.


As is the case for many companies in the property sector, REA Halnon Humphreys faced a challenge around tenant document and information collection. A shortage in rental housing meant that once a new rental property was advertised, the team would get inundated with enquiries – creating a lot of time-consuming admin tasks such as collecting tenant documents and dealing with enquiries via email and phone.

They faced similar challenges in onboarding new landlords and vendors – and wanted to find a way to accelerate these processes in a secure and GDPR compliant way.

At a glance:


  • Spending hours managing tenant, landlord, and vendor applications
  • GDPR Compliance and security



  • Introduced PlanetVerify as the new way to collect and manage tenant, landlord, and vendor documents and information.



  • Major time-savings.
  • On-brand tenant onboarding.
  • Streamlined rental application process.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Reduced security risk.


To meet these requirements, REA Halnon Humphreys engaged with PlanetVerify. The PlanetVerify solution contained a number of key elements.

  • Integration: An integration was set up to automatically capture tenant enquiry emails from so the team could manage all applications from the central PlanetVerify dashboard.
  • Rental Application Management:New tenants were sent on-brand and professional requests via PlanetVerify that automated and secured the collection of necessary documents and sensitive information.
  • Streamlined RTB Re-registration: A PlanetVerify workflow was set up to automatically capture documents and information from landlords who had to re-register their tenancies with the RTB.
  • Automated Landlord and Vendor Document Collection: New workflows were built in PlanetVerify to automate the capture of new landlord and vendor documents/information.

“PlanetVerify has been a big win for us. It has helped us to digitize, streamline, and secure our onboarding and document collection processes – saving hours each week and, crucially, speeding up the sales and rental application cycle.”

Winston Halnon, Director, REA Halnon Humphreys


PlanetVerify provided REA Halnon Humphreys with a new and innovative way to manage their document and sensitive information collection process.

  • Efficiency: Using PlanetVerify, the team was able to save 20+ hours per week that was previously spent on time-consuming tasks like managing and collecting tenant/landlord documents.
  • GDPR Compliance: PlanetVerify’s GDPR tools help REA Halnon Humphreys maintain GDPR and data compliance.
  • Reduced Security Risk: PlanetVerify’s encrypted end-to-end to document and information collection solution adds an extra layer of security to REA Halnon Humphrey’s rental application process.
  • Centralized Location: With PlanetVerify, REA Halnon Humphreys now has a central, highly secure location for managing tenant documents and information.
  • Client Experience: Tenants, landlords, and vendors now experience a highly professional, on-brand series of automated emails from REA Halnon Humphreys and abandoned applications are minimized.
  • Streamlined Sales Cycle: By automating the collection of vendor documents and information, REA Halnon Humphreys were able to speed up their sales cycle.

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