How One Stop Finance used PlanetVerify to Streamline and Secure their Loan Application Process

Based in Cork, Ireland, One Stop Finance is a fast-growing financial services company that specializes in both auto and commercial finance. The company provides a nationwide service with the customer experience very much at the forefront. The team possesses over 35 years experience in the financial services industry and offers customers an excellent, fast, and comprehensive service – helping them to navigate the financial maze.



With the company experiencing rapid growth in the number of loan applications, managing the application process was becoming increasingly time-consuming for the team. Customers would apply for a loan through an online form and follow up would be handled via email and phone. This process created a number of operational challenges for the team:

  • Efficiency: The team was wasting valuable time chasing customers for documents needed to process applications.
  • Multiple storage locations: Locating, accessing, and collating loan application documents that came in via email and other channels was proving to be a difficult and time-consuming task. 

The goal for One Stop Finance was to streamline their loan application process – paying particular attention to the customer journey, customer data security, and compliance.

At a glance:


  • Spending hours chasing customers for loan documents
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Growing rapidly and trying to streamline document collection


  • Introduced PlanetVerify as a single source of truth for loan document collection


  • Loan application processing time reduced by 50%
  • Automated manual work
  • Enhanced security and GDPR compliance
  • Streamlined customer journey


One Stop Finance wanted a solution that would not just help them meet their goals around operational efficiency, but would also help them to scale as customer numbers continue to grow. The PlanetVerify platform was introduced as the single source of truth for customer loan document collection. Implementation was quick and did not require any extensive software downloads – enabling the team at One Stop Finance to get up and running after a 2 week trial period with regularly scheduled training sessions. The key aspects of the solution included:
  • Automated document collection: The team no longer had to manually follow up on outstanding documents. Instead they switched on PlanetVerify’s auto-reminder feature to follow up with any customers who had not submitted all their documents. 
  • Dashboard: All applications were now managed via a single unified dashboard – with the status of each application visible to the entire team.
  • On-brand communication: On-brand customer emails – which link to the PlanetVerify upload portal – are now sent straight from the dashboard.
  • Security: PlanetVerify’s end-to-end encrypted platform added an extra layer of security to One Stop Finance’s operations – ensuring customer documents and sensitive information is collected and managed in line with the strict security measures set out by ISO 27001. 
  • GDPR Compliance: One Stop Finance operates a strictly controlled GDPR compliance process. Customer data is managed in a highly secure and compliant way. Using PlanetVerify’s auto-purge functionality, the company was able to add an element of automation to increase the efficiency of their already tightly controlled compliance process. 

“Our business at One Stop Finance was beginning to grow quickly and we searched for a way of keeping our clients’ data secure. We also wanted to provide our clients with an easy and secure platform to upload sensitive information. We came across PlanetVerify and after making the initial contact we were delighted to implement this new system. It is very user friendly and we have found a higher percentage of our prospects return the information we request in a prompt manner. Our clients are happy that their data is secure and can be deleted as necessary. If we have questions or inquiries the team at PlanetVerify respond quickly and get to the root of any issues without delay. I would highly recommend PlanetVerify as a very useful tool for any business that needs to collect data from clients.” 

Anne Marie O Sullivan , Sales Manager, QFA One Stop Finance


By implementing PlanetVerify, One Stop Finance was able to streamline the loan application process and meet their goals around customer experience, security, and GDPR compliance.  The key results included:
  • Increased Operational Efficiency – The time it takes to process a loan application was cut by 50%. Time previously spent chasing customers for loan documents was now being spent on core business activities.
  • Reduced Manual Work – The team no longer had to spend any time chasing customers for loan documents as this part of the process was now automated.
  • Enhanced Security – Customers now can only upload their sensitive documents to a highly secure centralized portal.
  • Streamlined, Secure Customer Journey – By incorporating PlanetVerify’s secure upload portal into their customer journey, One Stop Finance are able to demonstrate their commitment to data security and compliance to their customers.

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