How Diddi & Co. Chartered Accountants Revolutionized Client Onboarding with PlanetVerify

Diddi & Co. is an Indian Chartered Accountant firm that provides a comprehensive suite of solutions including accounting, virtual CFO, PF registration, copyright registration, and tax registration. The firm serves thousands of clients across Telangana.

The team at Diddi & Co. was wasting many hours per week chasing clients for their documents and information. During the client onboarding process documents and information were collected through a mish-mash of WhatsApp, email, phone, and in-person meetings. Client documents were then stored in a number of possible locations – making them difficult to locate. These inefficient document collection processes were leading to a number of challenges for Diddi & Co.:

  • Inefficiency – many hours wasted by the team each week.
  • Client experience – new clients were subject to an unsatisfactory client onboarding process as documents were collected in piecemeal fashion.
  • Security – collecting client documents via email, WhatsApp etc. opens the door to security risks.
  • Data compliance – with the area of data protection growing in India, Diddy & Co. were leaving themselves open to potential compliance issues.

The goal for Diddi & Co. was to find a new way to collect client documents and information. 


At a glance:

  • The team was wasting hours per week on legacy – time-consuming and insecure – client document collection activities.

  • Established PlanetVerify as the new and only way to collect client documents and sensitive information.

  • Client onboarding time reduced by 74%.
  • Manual task elimination.
  • Secure ISO 27001 accredited client onboarding process.
  • Data compliance.
  • On-brand and professional client experience.


  • Automated Process: Using PlanetVerify’s cloud-based solution, the entire client document collection process became automated with clients receiving regular reminders until the application was complete.
  • A New Way: Instead of collecting client documents through various channels like WhatsApp, in-peron, and email, PlanetVerify was established as the new and only way to collect client documents at Diddi & Co
  • Central Dashboard: The team at Diddi & Co. can now manage all client onboards from a single, centralized location.
  • Compliance Management: PlanetVerify’s compliance tools enable Diddi & Co. to conduct real-time privacy audits to ensure they meet data compliance requirements.

“PlanetVerify opened our eyes to a new way of doing business. The implementation was simple, but the results were powerful. PlanetVerify has revolutionized client onboarding for us.”

Saidule Diddi, Diddi & Co. Chairman


PlanetVerify transformed client onboarding at Diddi & Co. Chartered Accountants.

  • Efficiency: Client onboarding time was reduced by 74% as the team no longer had to waste any time chasing clients for documents.
  • Automation: Manual and legacy tasks like email, in-person document collection, and ad hoc phone calls were eliminated from the client onboarding process.
  • Security: Diddy & Co. increased the security of their client onboarding process by establishing PlanetVerify’s highly secure, ISO 27001 accredited platform as the single way to collect client documents and information.
  • Client Experience: Instead of unscheduled, ad-hoc communication, clients are now sent an automated, on-brand PlanetVerify link containing regular reminders until the client completes the document and information submission process. Crucially, clients can now share documents via mobile device or desktop.
  • Compliance: Diddi & Co. are fully compliant with data privacy regulations and have real-time visibility into the data they store on clients through the PlanetVerify dashboard.

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