What is Privacy by Design?

The concept of privacy by design is a recently developed approach which places privacy and data compliance at the forefront of business objectives and projects. This approach sees the implementation of such priorities from the beginning of all processes, keeping strategies safe and protected from data breaches, and EU data protection regulations – like the impending GDPR updates, due to be implemented in May 2018. Privacy by design approaches offer protection from the inception of your projects rather than an addition later in the process, when it is most needed.

This allows for a secure and solid launch without the need to implement privacy measures later in the process.

The PbD framework has seven foundational principles:

  1. Privacy must be proactive, not reactive, and must anticipate privacy issues before they reach the user.
  2. Privacy must be the default setting for users. They should not have to take actions to secure their privacy, and consent for data sharing should not be assumed.
  3. Privacy must be ingrained into the design.
  4. Privacy must be positive sum and should avoid dichotomies.
  5. Privacy must offer end-to-end lifecycle protection of user data. This means engaging in proper data collection, storage, and deletion.
  6. Privacy standards must be visible, transparent, open, documented and independently verifiable. Your processes for data management must stand up to external scrutiny.
  7. Privacy must be user-centric. This means that the user should be provided with accurate and transparent information and your system should have user friendly tools to access this information.

It is important to remember that privacy by design is not about data protection but being proactive about designing, so that all data held does not need external protection later down the line.

Why is Privacy by Design important now?

eu gdpr

In Europe the data protection regulation has undergone a complete overhaul. These new rules known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) become legally enforceable on 25 May 2018. This means that your business should already be working on ensuring it is GDPR compliant. It is crucial to consider privacy by design as a proactive measure rather than a reactive one as under the new GDPR guidelines organizations will have to document their PbD development processes. This documentation must be made available to the European regulatory authority in the event of a data breach or complaint from a consumer.

European data protection and privacy laws are extraterritorial.They apply to people within Europe whom the data is collected about regardless of where the service is provided from. In fact, if you offer your product for European customers, you must comply with EU data protection for these consumers even if your organization is not physically located in Europe.

PlanetVerify’s Privacy by Design

Our application allows the storing of documentation on your devices in a secure encrypted format. It also allows for ultra secure documentation transmission should it be requested through a Subject Access Request (SAR) or similar.

We enable companies to build ‘privacy by design’ into their data protection policies from as early on as possible. With our automated ‘collect’ and ‘destroy’ methods, we ensure complete discretion and security are offered to all users.

Privacy control practices prevent data leakage. This eliminates the possibility of intentional or planned attempts of privacy breaches to take place. These privacy control practices prevent personal data being downloaded, forwarded on or printed – a common issue and cause for data protection breaches for companies using email hosts to transmit sensitive private data between parties.

Our platform enables companies to enforce data privacy controls that are stronger, simpler to implement, harder to by-pass, and completely embedded into a system’s core functionality for a holistic privacy control approach at the forefront of any company.

Privacy by Design, Now Is the Time

Collection, storage, verification and compliance with the GDPR and all other data protection rules and regulations is made easiest with a privacy by design approach. Creating an infrastructure to collect, manage and monitor your client or customers personal data in real time has never been so integral to the core functionality of companies as it is today. Using services like PlanetVerify to achieve these goals will position you as a safe, fortified and trustworthy company and do away with later stresses of dealing with any unwanted data protection breaches, or SARs your company might be unprepared for. Implement privacy by design and centralise your data privacy protection measures in real time.

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