PlanetVerify Platform Updates October 2023

Streamlined document and information collection

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Companies across many different industries use PlanetVerify to streamline and secure their customer processes. We work closely with our customers who provide us with invaluable feedback as we build out our feature set to meet new and evolving customer needs.

This month we have enhanced the search capabilities on our platform as well as adding a new view option for users to identify profiles that have added attachments.

1 – Search Messages

When you send a profile request you have the possibility of including a personal message with each data request, and this message is also shown on the main Data Requests page. Alternatively, if an applicant triggers a profile request online via a third party integration, any personal message they include in the application will be shown on the  Data Requests page. 

We have now created a separate column on the Data Requests page for these messages. This should make it easier to view the messages and also makes it possible to now search for specific words within applicant messages.

For example, if you wish to search for applicants who have the word “pets” in their message, you can simply use the search bar at the top of the page to find all applicants with this word in the message linked to their profile.

2 – Show profiles that contain attachments

When you view a personal data profile, you also have the possibility to upload an attachment or attachments to complete the profile. (Note added attachments are only visible to the dashboard user and not to the applicant/webapp user.)

We have updated the dashboard to show which profiles include documents that were added by a dashboard user. This makes it easier to see which profiles have additional information included.

One real benefit of this is that you now have a very convenient file storage area for any person on your dashboard.

An Exciting Roadmap

We have more exciting features in development which will be launched over the coming months. If you would like to learn more about PlanetVerify and how our platform helps companies move away from legacy, time-consuming, and high risk customer processes to a single digital, streamlined, secure, and compliant process, then reach out today!

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