PlanetVerify Platform Updates May 2023

Streamlined document and information collection

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At PlanetVerify, we are continuously working to develop our platform – adding new and exciting features on a regular basis. We specialize in the area of document collection workflows, personal data management, and client/customer onboarding – helping companies to digitize and secure their customer journey.

Our platform is used by companies in many different industries such as accounting, property, HR, telcos, and many more. By working closely with our customers, we have identified ways new and existing customers can get even more out of the PlanetVerify platform. Below are our most recent platform updates – keep an eye on our blog over the coming months for more exciting developments.

1 – 2FA

To make it even harder for attackers to gain access to your PlanetVerify Dashboard, we have updated our two-factor authentication (2FA) system. This will allow you to use an Authenticator App or SMS to verify your account and you can save the setting for 30 days on your browser for convenience.

Please log in to your dashboard and enable 2FA to take advantage of the new security level. Simply navigate to Settings and enable the Google Authenticator option or SMS option.


2 – Search reports based on email template

We have updated our reports feature with enhanced search capabilities. Users can now search reports by Profile Template. This update means users can view activity on the Reports tab to include the completed and pending data requests – under a specific category of data request. Users can now search on Reports for data requests sent with a particular template to make it easier to keep track of different types of applications.  


3 – Notifications

We have added a visual indicator for comments left within a profile. Dashboard users will now get a visual indication that there is a new unread comment from a team member in the profile.


4 – Word Doc PDFs

One of our most-loved features is the ability to create a single pdf report of all customer information and documents.  We have updated this feature so that reports will now include any Word documents uploaded by a client to allow for a more comprehensive summary of each client or applicant. This update also negates the need to open any word docs uploaded by clients or applicants – minimizing the risk of malware. 


5 – Guest Request Update

Guest Requests allow our users to send PlanetVerify Requests to clients or applicants via SMS – without the need for an email address. We have updated the functionality of our Guest Requests to include both reminders and the option to make the Guest Request a scheduled recurring request.  

Reach out today if you would like to learn more about PlanetVerify and how our platform helps companies move away from legacy, time-consuming, and high risk document and information collection practices to a single digital, streamlined, secure, and compliant process.

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