PlanetVerify Awarded The Most Innovative Document Processing Solution (Europe) at Fintech Awards

A Better Way to Collect Client Information

PlanetVerify is excited to announce that we have been recognized at the Wealth & Finance International Fintech 2022 Awards as The Most Innovative Document Processing Solution (Europe).

Today, every company collects personal data. However, many companies do so in an ad-hoc manner and are often reliant on legacy tools opening the door to a range of issues around security, data compliance, inefficiency, and lost data.

PlanetVerify is a new way for companies to collect personal data. With PlanetVerify, the entire personal data and document collection process is automated and secured — saving time, reducing risk, and meeting data compliance requirements.

Use Cases

There are a number of ways financial institutions can leverage PlanetVerify.

  • To automate and secure the collection of client data and information.
  • Provide the digital experience clients now expect.
  • Help financial institutions meet GDPR and data compliance requirements.
  • Data purging.
  • Collection of mortgage documents.
  • AML document collection and verification.

Happy Clients

Many companies are using PlanetVerify today to streamline their document and information collection processes in a secure and compliant manner. Below are some recent quotes from our clients:

“PlanetVerify has been a life saver for us. It has enabled us to be able to properly manage & respond to the huge volume of email enquiries in both a professional & efficient manner in literally a fraction of the time!”

“PlanetVerify has simply transformed how we interact with the public, dramatically reducing the number of hours spent processing paperwork and allowing us to spend more time focusing on our clients needs all while automating our GDPR compliance.”

“Using PlanetVerify has probably saved us in the region of one day per week… it is genuinely a no brainer.”

“PlanetVerify saves us up to 25 man-hours a week – that’s like a part-time member of staff.”

If you would like to learn more about PlanetVerify, you can set up some time with the team here.

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