PlanetVerify at GDPR Summit at Techconnect Live


Tomorrow, the 31st of May, PlanetVerify is speaking at GDPR Summit at TechConnect Live, the biggest Irish tech event of the year.

PlanetVerify is moderating a panel discussion “6 Organisational Departments Effected by GDPR“at GDPR Summit there, led by CEO Owen Sorensen. That will be taking place from 2:10pm – 2:40pm, just after the lunch break. Together with Group Data Protection Officer at Kerry Group Gareth Davies, Windows and Devices Business Group Lead at Microsoft Shirley Finerty, Director at Sigmar Recruitment Barry Rudden, Owen will talk about different sectors affected by the EU GDPR law.

A full agenda of all GDPR panel discussion and events on the day can be found here.

Not only will PlanetVerify be in attendance, but Ireland’s largest summit will also see the GDPR coalition hosting a dedicated GDPR zone, for the duration of the seminar. Throughout the day there will be numerous panel discussions covering all the key questions surrounding the legislation and practical advice for businesses when preparing for GDPR.

GDPR Summit

The impact of unsafe cyber security and data protection behaviours is a major issue for firms across all sectors. Data today is not an abstract entity but a legal and empirical extension of you, your firm, and customers. The GDPR regulation provides a framework for companies to implement sound processes to protect data.

Besides the EU GDPR session, TechConnect Live will host 100+ exhibitor pavilions and more than 20 conferences with powerful Keynote talks from the leading Irish Cybersecurity and Data protection companies.

With 200+ keynote speakers, 400 investors, 1000+ different companies, TechConnect Live is a great opportunity to meet, connect, and explore. PlanetVerify are really excited to be a part of such a large and international symposium here in Dublin.

To register for the event and access the full list of speakers, vendors, startups, and agenda, follow this link for free.

See you there.

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