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In today’s digital world, businesses know that keeping customers happy means making things easy. The digital onboarding process is a big part of that. The smoother and friendlier the onboarding, the better the chance of winning customer loyalty. This post will explore how to make digital customer onboarding a breeze, sharing strategies for creating an online experience that keeps clients engaged and coming back for more.




Frictionless Digital Onboarding for Lifelong Connections

Frictionless digital customer onboarding refers to the streamlined process new customers of your product or service take after they sign up. This process is pivotal in shaping the initial impression users have of a product or service. By eliminating unnecessary steps, reducing complexity, and streamlining the onboarding journey, businesses can create a positive and memorable experience that sets the foundation for long-term customer loyalty.


Key Elements of Frictionless Digital Customer Onboarding

1 – Simplified Registration Processes

The first interaction a user has with your company is often the registration process. To ensure a smooth online customer onboarding experience, businesses must prioritise simplicity. Minimising the number of required fields, implementing social media sign-ins, and incorporating progressive profiling can significantly reduce user effort, making registration quick and user-friendly.

2 – Clear and Intuitive User Interfaces

User interfaces play a crucial role in determining the success of digital onboarding. A cluttered or confusing interface can lead to frustration and abandonment. Designing clear, intuitive interfaces with easy-to-understand navigation ensures users can seamlessly progress through the onboarding process, enhancing the overall user experience.

3 – Personalization and Contextual Guidance

Tailoring the onboarding experience to individual users and providing contextual guidance can significantly enhance user engagement. By understanding user preferences and offering relevant information at the right time, businesses can create a more personalised and user-centric onboarding journey.

4 – Multi-Channel Accessibility

Offering multiple channels for onboarding, such as web, mobile apps, and even chatbots, provides users with flexibility and convenience. A frictionless digital client onboarding strategy considers the various channels users may prefer, ensuring a consistent and smooth experience across all platforms.

5 – Efficient Document Submission and Verification

For businesses that require document submissions during onboarding, optimising the process is crucial. It is important not to rely on legacy tools like email during the document collection process – as they can open the door to a range of security risks and will slow down your internal processes considerably. PlanetVerify provides companies with a way to automate the document collection process in a way that is efficient, secure, and GDPR compliant.


Gaining Customer Loyalty Through Smooth Onboarding

1 – Building Trust from the Start

A smooth onboarding process sets the foundation for building trust with customers. When users have a positive and frictionless experience during the initial stages of their interaction with a brand, they are more likely to trust the company and remain loyal over time.

2 – Quick Time-to-Value

Efficient onboarding leads to quicker time-to-value for users. By enabling customers to quickly get up and running, businesses can demonstrate the immediate benefits, increasing user satisfaction and loyalty.

3 – Proactive Customer Support

Incorporating proactive customer support during the onboarding phase can make a significant impact. Providing timely assistance, anticipating customer needs, and addressing potential issues before they escalate contribute to a positive onboarding experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

4 – Continuous Improvement Through User Feedback

Regularly seeking and incorporating user feedback is crucial for refining the onboarding process. By understanding user pain points and addressing them iteratively, businesses can ensure that their onboarding experience remains user-friendly and adaptable to evolving user expectations.


Successful Digital Onboarding Case Study

Customer onboarding is an ongoing focus for many companies – across many different industries. One company that has streamlined new client onboarding is RSM Ireland who leveraged the PlanetVerify platform to implement a secure and streamlined onboarding process. By removing emails and manual AML document collection from their process, they were able to increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience in a big way.


PlanetVerify – Revolutionising Digital Onboarding

As we explore the landscape of digital customer onboarding, it’s worth noting the innovative approach of PlanetVerify. We specialise in customer onboarding, document verification, and workflow automation, with a strong emphasis on KYC and AML protocols.

PlanetVerify’s services are particularly beneficial for industries inundated with documentation, such as financial services, lettings, mortgage companies, legal firms, and HR solutions. Our approach to digital onboarding is rooted in our mission to revolutionise document collection and workflow automation, ensuring paramount security and efficiency.

Our competitive pricing, coupled with a focus on GDPR compliance and secure, efficient data handling, makes PlanetVerify a standout choice for businesses looking to streamline their onboarding processes. The company’s commitment to offering personalised, scalable solutions, and superior customer support, including training and webinars, aligns perfectly with the principles of frictionless digital customer onboarding.

As PlanetVerify continues to expand its reach from Ireland to the UK and the USA, its unique selling points, such as an extensive network through channel partners and bespoke support for clients, position it well in the competitive landscape of digital onboarding solutions.



Frictionless digital customer onboarding is an essential component of modern business strategy. By focusing on creating a seamless, secure, and efficient onboarding experience, companies can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. With innovative solutions like those offered by PlanetVerify, businesses can effectively navigate the challenges of digital transformation and emerge as leaders in customer experience.

If you would like to learn more about PlanetVerify’s digital onboarding solutions, please reach out today for a platform demo!


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