OVER 150,000 USERS

A New and Secure Way to Collect Client Documents and Information

PlanetVerify simplifies, streamlines, and secures the document and information collection process — helping you to save time, improve client experience, and ensure data compliance.

OVER 150,000 USERS

A Fast, Secure, and Compliant Way to Collect Client Documents and Information

PlanetVerify simplifies, streamlines, and secures the document and information collection process — helping you to save time, improve client experience, and ensure data compliance.


“Our business at One Stop Finance was beginning to grow quickly and we searched for a way of keeping our clients’ data secure. We also wanted to provide our clients with an easy and secure platform to upload sensitive information. We came across PlanetVerify and after making the initial contact we were delighted to implement this new system. It is very user friendly and we have found a higher percentage of our prospects return the information we request in a prompt manner.” 


Anne Marie O Sullivan , Sales Manager, QFA One Stop Finance

Automated Customer Document and Information Collection

Many companies today still rely on legacy tools like email to collect documents and data — leaving themselves wide open to a range of issues around efficiency, security, and data compliance.


PlanetVerify solves this problem by automating and securing the entire document and data collection process — helping companies to reclaim hours in lost productivity, reduce security and compliance risk, and provide clients with a more professional first impression.

Streamline your document and information collection process

Save hours per week with PlanetVerify’s automated and encrypted document and data collection platform.


Eliminate the inefficiency and security risks associated with legacy document and data collection methods like email.


Meet GDPR, CCPA, and WCAG Compliance requirements.


Build trust with clients by providing an on-brand, professional, and compliant document and information collection experience.


How Does PlanetVerify Work?


Put together a list of documents and information you require from a client. Lists may be used over and over.


Once you activate the “Send Data Requests” the automated collection process goes to work, saving your team valuable time.


The client receives a link to their device or pc via email/SMS. Documents can be shared in seconds.


Scheduled email and SMS reminders ensure everything is collected.


Powerful end-to-end encryption protects your data and as email collection is bypassed, risk from email attachments is neutralised.


Intelligent automation means data arrives fully arranged and organised, easy to find, store and process.

Proven Security You Can Trust

Security lies at the heart of your data collection and PlanetVerify is committed to your data protection, and we’re proud to uphold the strict security measures demanded by ISO 27001.
ISO 27001 is the international security standard for secure information management. It guarantees the highest levels of data security and helps keep your business one step ahead of serious threats.

Success Stories

John Doe
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“PlanetVerify manages the collection of our data in a safe, compliant and responsible way. We trust PlanetVerify and in turn our customers can trust us.”

Regina Mangan - Liberty Blue
John Doe
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“PlanetVerify saves us up to 25 man-hours a week - that’s like a part-time member of staff.”

Mandy Meredith - Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings
John Doe
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”PlanetVerify has revolutionised the collection of employee data when on-boarding a new recruit. No more chasing paperwork, emails and phone calls. In a few very simple and straightforward steps, the process is complete! It saves our HR Department so much time.”

Conleth Meehan - Butlers Chocolates
John Doe
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”PlanetVerify has been a life saver for us. It has enabled us to be able to properly manage & respond to the huge volume of email enquiries in both a professional & efficient manner in literally a fraction of the time!”

Gillian Hayes - Gillian Hayes Property Letting Ltd
John Doe
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“We find that PlanetVerify has significantly improved our time management. By keeping all tenant applications together, it has saved our team having to search through countless emails to find the correct application and reference document.”

Martina Higgins - DF Properties
John Doe
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“ PlanetVerify has simply transformed how we interact with the public, dramatically reducing the number of hours spent processing paperwork and allowing us to spend more time focusing on our clients needs all while automating our GDPR compliance.”

Brian D’Arcy – D’Arcy Real Estate & Letting Ltd
John Doe
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"Having tried several identity solutions in the past, Planet Verify helped us solve a key challenge to provide web-based identity verification and document capture. Their web-based solution Is fast and simple to use and was perfect for our B2C customer requirements."

Robbie Burns, CEO, ApplyOn
John Doe
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"Planet Verify allowed us to easily collect a large amount of employee personal data over a short amount of time. We were able to streamline our corporate order and fulfilment procedures by providing a secure gateway for our client so their staff could share their personal information with us in a very user friendly and secure way. "

Kathy Smyth - Butlers Chocolates

Fully Certified. Fully Secure.

PlanetVerify takes your client data and business reputation seriously. As well as having the distinction of being independently certified for ISO27001 we are also fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and Patent Pending.

ISO 27001 certified
CCPA compliant
GDPR compliant
Patent pending

A Better Solution for your Team


Request client files and data in a professional, highly secure, streamlined, and compliant manner.


PlanetVerify brings all your data and documents together in one place so you can process it quickly, efficiently and securely. 

Unlock the time you may be wasting on chasing clients for documents and information.

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