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Your Personal Data Collection Procedure

Email is the most common identity management and communication tool on the internet. Think about how often you are asked to ‘sign-up’, ‘sign-in’ and ‘enter your email’ for identity verification purposes online. Email addresses are the key to receiving notifications, creating online accounts and sometimes we even use them to communicate with each other. Think of them as your online personal identification. Such power with something that seems so simple, right? Maybe not. EMAIL IS INSECURE – WHY? Email was not designed with security, privacy, identity management or any data collection procedure in mind. It was never meant to be

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New regulations

New Rental Regulation. What to Do?

THE RENTAL DEBATE RUMBLES ON Renting in Ireland is a much-discussed issue in Irish media today especially after the new Rental Regulation was introduced in December 2016. Without doubt, demand outweighs supply and rent prices have soared, with a knock-on impact on numbers of people who cannot afford housing. However, it appears it is not just the tenants who are under pressure. OBSERVATIONS ON RECENT MEDIA COVERAGE A recent article in the Irish Times examines the decision by estate agents, Hooke and MacDonald, to cut back on managing individual lettings for landlords due to the increase to cost and paperwork resulting from

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