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With PlanetVerify, you can collect documents in an automated, secure, and data compliant manner.

PlanetVerify provides a document collection software solution that enables companies to collect documents and information from clients in a simple, secure, and compliant way. Instead of wasting valuable time each week chasing clients for documents, PlanetVerify users can set up a workflow that automates the collection of client documents and information. Clients are sent automated reminders until all documents have been uploaded, while, on the user side, the status of each client can be monitored from a centralized dashboard.

Companies across a range of industries use PlanetVerify to accelerate and secure their document collection process — saving time, reducing security risk, and meeting data compliance requirements.

What is Document Collection Software?

Document collection software is software that automates the collection of documents from clients, customers, employees, and other relevant business contacts — helping companies to save time, reduce security risk, and ensure data compliance. Traditionally, document collection has been performed in a number of manual, time-consuming, and insecure ways –  such as email and in-person document collection. However, as the risks of these legacy processes became more and more apparent, companies began seeking out new and automated ways to collect documents – giving rise to an increased demand for document collection software solutions.

At a high level, document collection software tools are used to:

  • Automate and scale the collection of client documents.
  • Secure the document collection process.
  • Digitize legacy document collection tasks.
  • Provide companies with a central location for client documents.  


Document Collection Software Key Features

If you are looking into a software solution for your ogranization, there are a number of key features you should hone in on.

  • Security – Client document collection is fraught with danger. Email, in particular, is such a high risk area that research has shown that over 90% of cyber attacks start with email. As a result, any software solution that will help your company move away from the extremely high risk process of email document collection is a big win. However, you should still focus on the best-in-class solutions that adhere to the highest possible security standards such as end-to-end encryption and ISO 27001.
  • Automated Workflows – The best solutions will let you build customized workflows to streamline your process. Workflows might involve the sending of automated reminders to clients until they have successfully uploaded all their documents and information. Another example would be automated purging of old client profiles – so your company stays compliant with regulations like GDPR.
  • Branded Communication – Any solution should also help your company communicate in a more professional way. Moving from ad-hoc document collection to an automated document collection process will help you give a great first impression to new clients. You should focus on tools that allow you to provide branded and personalized communications to your clients.
  • Usability – Just like any other tool you bring into an organzation – ease of use is absolutely key. Look towards solutions that are intuitive and do not require extensive training or lengthy implementation periods. When it comes to new internal systems then user adoption is one of, if not the most important metric. If your new system comes loaded with great features, it will not be much of a success if it is difficult to use and requires too much training. 

Benefits of Document Collection Software

Best in class solutions can be relatively simple to implement and bring some really powerful benefits to your organization.

  • Save time: The first and most obvious benefit is the huge time savings automated document collection can bring. A surprisingly large number of companies today are still using legacy document collection methods like email – causing teams to waste many valuable hours per week chasing clients for their documents in an ad hoc fashion. By automating the document collection process, companies can get a big win by reducing many hours of manual work each week.
  • Reduce security risk: Eliminating risks around client document collection is another huge benefit of document collection solutions. Sharing and receiving files and documents from clients is fraught with security risks. Collecting documents from unknown sources can open the door to malware attacks such as bundle viruses, spyware, and trojan horses. Opening a file containing malware on the company network could even cause a company-wide cyber attack. The leading document collection solutions will help you reduce your company’s security risk and minimize the potential for these types of attacks. 
  • Digitize legacy processes: For many companies, digital transformation is an ongoing initiative that is continuously being improved. Document collection tools provide companies with a very quick and simple way to digitize a legacy, manual process.
  • Meet GDPR Compliance Regulations: As compliance regulations evolve, they bring added risk into the area of client document and information collection. Leading solutions can help companies to manage this compliance risk by providing features around personal data purging for former clients and clearly established processes for managing new client documents and personal data.  
  • Provide a World-Class Client Experience: The best document collection software solutions can help your company give new clients a great first impression with on-brand and on-schedule communications.


With over 120,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies from many different industries to collect and manage sensitive customer documents and information during the onboarding process.  

Vendor Questions

As you weigh up the various software tools available today, you should keep the following questions in mind.

What does the implementation process look like for this document collection platform? You should loop someone from your development team in and understand exactly what the implementation process is like for any system you are considering. Ideally, you should focus on those systems that have the quickest time-to-value. Lengthy, time-consuming, and complex implementation processes should be avoided at all costs.

How long will it take our team to become fully trained, power users of the document collection system? Software that requires extensive training has less chance of making an impact in your organization than intuitive tools that come almost ready-to-use. Remember, employees today have a set of expectations that must be met in terms of usability – any tasks that involve a time investment without an immediate payoff will be resented. Systems that fail to meet expectations around user experience will not be widely adopted internally.

What security standards does your document collection software solution adhere to? Security is one area you need to consider carefully. One of the biggest reasons to implement a document collection system is to reduce security risk within your organization, therefore, as you analyze vendors, be sure to question them about which security standards they adhere to – and don’t accept anything less than the highest possible security standards. 

Does your document collection software tool integrate with our existing systems? Ideally, you want your implementation process to be as quick and painless as possible. Most likely, you are already using tools like cloud storage, CRMs, and other internal systems that you might like to interact with any new system. Question vendors on how their solution can integrate with your existing internal systems and try to understand the amount of extra work involved. 

How does your document collection software help us meet data protection regulations like GDPR? Companies must take care over the way they collect and manage client personal data. Failure to adhere to regulations like GDPR can result in fines and reputational damage for the company. Document collection software can help you to maintain GDPR compliance by providing you with a set of tools to manage client personal data in a compliant manner – providing features like automated data purging.  

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