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With PlanetVerify's client onboarding software you can onboard new clients in a fast, secure, and data compliant manner.

PlanetVerify is a client onboarding software solution that helps companies collect client documents and sensitive information at speed and at scale during the onboarding process. Companies across many different industries use PlanetVerify to streamline and secure their onboarding processes. Instead of collecting client documents in an ad hoc fashion via legacy tools like email, PlanetVerify equips users with powerful workflows that automate and secure their client document collection processes.

What is Client Onboarding Software?

Client onboarding software refers to software solutions that companies use to facilitate the integration of new clients into a business. Client onboarding is the all important first step in a client-business relationship and these solutions can help companies to make a professional first impression. The client onboarding process can vary depending on which industry a company operates in – however, at a high level, client onboarding is primarily concerned with the set up activities associated with a new client sign up. Client onboarding software is used to manage – and, ideally, streamline these onboarding activities.


Client Onboarding Software Features

When it comes to these software solutions, there are a number of features to watch out for. While some software solutions providers may specialize in different aspects of client onboarding, there are some features that are vitally important and will help you provide a highly professional client onboarding experience.

Client Document Collection: Collecting documents from new clients is part of the onboarding process in almost every industry – and, for many, has become a major challenge. The documents submitted by new clients must be managed carefully and collecting these documents via legacy tools like email or even in person, is not best practice. Collecting documents in an uncontrolled, ad hoc fashion can lead to issues around security, compliance, internal productivity – and, ultimately, will lead to an underwhelming new client experience. The leading solutions provide companies with a way to automate, secure, and scale the client document collection process. 

Client Dashboard: The best-in-class client onboarding software solutions provide companies with a centralized client dashboard from where users can track the status of each client and their onboarding status. 

Client Communication Tools: The modern client does not expect ad hoc emails and phone calls relating to various onboarding activities. Instead, clients expect a level of communication that is on-brand, on-time, and highly professional. The leading solutions provide companies with tools to develop the professional, fully-branded, and scheduled communications clients now expect.

Data Compliance: Regulations around data compliance such as GDPR, CCPA, and others add an extra layer of complexity to the client onboarding process. For some companies, the sensitive personal information collected during the client onboarding process would come under the banner of personal data and can be subject to data protection measures – i.e. companies who operate in jurisdictions where data protection laws such as GDPR are in existence must manage personal data in a compliant manner. One way to remain data compliant during the onboarding process is to develop controlled and approved methods for collecting personal client data. Some of the leading onboarding tools available today can equip you with a compliant way to collect clients’ personal data and provide other features such as data purging to clear your systems of potentially non-compliant information on past clients for example. 

Internal Communication and Workflows: Client onboarding will usually involve a number of individuals or internal teams. For instance, a company that collects KYC/AML documents during the client onboarding stage might want to pass on various client applications for approval to other teams. Your client onboarding software should enable you to run these approval processes within the platform and not have to navigate to other tools within the organization. 

Personalization: Clients today expect a high level of personalization. The onboarding stage is the perfect time to personalize the client experience and set the tone for a positive business relationship. Client onboarding software that helps you to personalize the client experience is a very important feature to watch out for.


With over 120,000 users, PlanetVerify is used by companies from many different industries to collect and manage sensitive client documents and information during the onboarding process.  

Benefits of Client Onboarding Software

Investing in the right solution can bring many benefits to your company.

Save time: Manual and legacy internal processes are some of the biggest time wasters for employees today. Many companies still rely on legacy processes during the client onboarding process such as collecting documents via email and arranging ad hoc in person meetings. These legacy processes do not scale well and productivity will suffer. Client onboarding software can help you to set up some automated workflows to perform onboarding tasks – saving users many hours per week.

Reduce security risks: There are a number of security risks during the client onboarding process – particularly around the use of email during the onboarding process. Email is the number one source of cyber attacks and relying too heavily on email during the client onboarding process can put your company at risk. For example, if you are collecting client documents via email, attachments can open the door to security risks like ransomware and trojan horse attack which may risk the integrity of the entire company network. Client onboarding software can provide you with secure ways to collect clients’ documents and information helping you to reduce your company’s security risk.

Provide a Professional Client Experience: Client onboarding software can help you to provide the professional (and repeatable) experience modern clients expect. By moving away from ad hoc and manual processes to an automated and personalized client onboarding process, you will be able to meet and exceed client expectations on a regular basis. 

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