PlanetVerify Use Cases

PlanetVerify is a highly versatile platform which helps companies across many industries solve a range of business challenges.

Document and information collection is an area that is proving quite challenging for many businesses today. Increased security risks, evolving data compliance requirements, and an over-reliance on legacy tools like email have all exacerbated the situation. PlanetVerify’s unique approach to document and information collection solves this challenge and there are a variety of ways our customers use and benefit from PlanetVerify. Below is a list of some of the most popular PlanetVerify use cases.

Put PlanetVerify to Work

Document Collection Software

PlanetVerify provides a document collection software solution that enables companies to collect documents and information from clients in a simple, secure, and compliant way.

Employee Onboarding

Streamline and secure the collection of new employee documents and information with PlanetVerify.

AML Document Collection

Companies use PlanetVerify to automate, secure, and ensure sensitive AML documents are collected in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Client Onboarding Software

With PlanetVerify’s client onboarding software you can onboard new clients in a fast, secure, and data compliant manner.

Mortgage Document Collection

With PlanetVerify, the mortgage application process can be automated and secured — saving time, reducing security risk, and meeting data compliance requirements.

Customer Onboarding Software

With PlanetVerify, you can onboard new customers in an automated, secure, and data compliant manner.

Secure File Sharing for Accountants

PlanetVerify helps accountants collect and share documents with clients in a fast, secure, and compliant way.

Secure File Sharing with Clients

PlanetVerify enables secure file sharing with clients by providing companies with a secure, end-to-end encrypted solution.

Encrypted Document Sharing

PlanetVerify provides companies with an encrypted document sharing solution that helps companies secure and streamline their document flow.

Secure File Sharing Software

PlanetVerify provides companies with an end-to-end encrypted and highly secure file sharing solution.