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Robust Processing Procedures- Time to re-assess

In an increasingly regulated environment and with more focus than ever now on personal data privacy – can you be sure that your processing procedures are up to scratch? A recent report highlights how re-assessing your company’s procedures with regards to collecting and managing personal private data is more important now than ever. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHECK NOW According to the June 2020  report from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which can be found here, “by far the most frequent cause of breaches reported to the DPC is unauthorised disclosure (80%); whether by digital, verbal or other manual means. Manual

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What is a Good Digital Workflow Tool?

For some reason, in this digital era, we still spend too much time managing too many things manually instead of stepping out and automating the workflow.  We came up with 7 digital workflow tools that will help you manage your projects, papers, finances and meetings. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A DIGITAL WORKFLOW? Do you worry it will be too time-consuming to learn to use these tools and teach your co-workers? Or, do you worry you will have to monitor them in case they make a mistake, resulting in a doubling up of your workload? In reality, digitalising your workflow will free up your time and give you a

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The Impact of GDPR on Accountants

The working life of an accountant involves daily interaction with vast amounts of sensitive data. As the introduction of the EU GDPR edges closer, it is time to talk about the impact it will have on an accountant’s day-to-day work life. Replacing the Data Protection Directive of 1995, and designed to protect against cyber disruptions and attacks, this new Regulation will be instrumental in ensuring personal data is protected properly. Accountants who are not up to speed with the EU GDPR by its introduction in early 2018 will run a serious risk of breaching the law. 8 FROM 10 ACCOUNTANTS ARE NOT

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The Tax Pay Dat Comes. What Documents Should I Submit?

As we all know, taxes are financial levies imposed upon the taxpayers by the state. Failure to pay your taxes on time or deliberately evading them is punishable by law. Therefore persons who deliberately evade taxes are punished by imprisonment of up to 5 years or fines of €250,000 for individuals (and 500,000 for corporations). It is of high importance to have all your tax forms submitted and paid on or before the tax pay day arrives. In Ireland, businesses pay corporation tax on the company’s profits which include both income and chargeable gains. Company’s income is calculated in accordance

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Wave Goodbye to the Paperchase

It’s a Monday morning in January and you are back at your desk after the Christmas break. Have you made your list of resolutions for 2017? As well as doing that big clear-out you promised yourself last January, there are work related resolutions too. You want to encourage your staff to start using their time efficiently so they can hit targets on time and make a real effort this year to get out the door at 6pm, and no later! In order to achieve this, the simple question you need to answer and resolve is this – WHAT IS SLOWING

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How Can You Build Trust and Loyalty With Your Customers

HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE LOYAL CUSTOMERS …or so the saying goes. The importance of loyal customers is of paramount importance in today’s cluttered and competitive goods and services space. Without our customers, we would not have profitable businesses, we would not be able to expand and grow and embark on new business adventures. So, how do we ensure our customers’ happiness and keep them coming back? Consumer analysts have long argued that trust is the key ingredient needed to capture customer loyalty. If people have trust in their business and service providers, they are content. In order to create trust, consumers must feel

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