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Using Email to Gather Personal Data

Are you using still using email to gather documents ? As a business grows and flourishes, the one resource that become less abundant is time. Finding new ways to work more efficiently becomes essential as demands on staff and other resources increase. We all use email every day to communicate with our customers. It’s easy, free, and quick- but is it the best way to request and share confidential personal data and documents? At PlanetVerify we think not…. and here’s why. Email security Emails are rarely encrypted and can be intercepted Emails are stored on physical disks on the senders’

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7 Top Tips for Getting GDPR Ready

With GDPR on the home stretch and hurtling towards your business, you have a couple of months left to pull up your socks and straighten that tie. Companies need to prepare for full enforcement of GDPR regulations as of May 25th 2018. While the new General Data Protection Act can seem daunting at first glance, it isn’t too late to implement that changes you need to be remain compliant.   We’ve prepared 7 quick and easy additional tips that will have you in tip top shape well before the GDPR rules change. Read this article on the basics of GDPR 2018 and what

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Legacy Data

How to Get Your Legacy Data GDPR Ready

With GDPR fast approaching most organisations have finally decided to get their (data) house in order  and make some drastic changes in terms of how, where and why their personal data storage and usage is structured. It’s clear that the impending changes to GDPR in May 2018 will be more strictly enforced than ever before, and defining what should and shouldn’t be done is key to implementing a proactive plan as soon as possible. These new regulations will introduce fresh processes for dealing with sensitive personal data collected from your clients and partners, meaning if unprepared for the change, your

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Your Personal Data Collection Procedure

Email is the most common identity management and communication tool on the internet. Think about how often you are asked to ‘sign-up’, ‘sign-in’ and ‘enter your email’ for identity verification purposes online. Email addresses are the key to receiving notifications, creating online accounts and sometimes we even use them to communicate with each other. Think of them as your online personal identification. Such power with something that seems so simple, right? Maybe not. EMAIL IS INSECURE – WHY? Email was not designed with security, privacy, identity management or any data collection procedure in mind. It was never meant to be

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Gaining Explicit Consent- Why it Matters

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) will come into effect two years after it is published in the Official Journal of the EU. This means that all companies must be in full compliance with the GDPR by May 2018. Gaining consent is a key issue if companies do not want to fall foul of the new GDPR regulations. What does gaining consent mean? If you rely on a data subject’s consent to process their data, they must freely give specific, informed and unambiguous consent. Where a data controller collects personal data for one specific purpose, the GDPR requires that data subjects give additional consent

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PlanetVerify at GDPR Summit at Techconnect Live

PLANETVERIFY IS SPEAKING AT GDPR SUMMIT AT TECHCONNECT LIVE ON MAY 31ST IN DUBLIN. Tomorrow, the 31st of May, PlanetVerify is speaking at GDPR Summit at TechConnect Live, the biggest Irish tech event of the year. PlanetVerify is moderating a panel discussion “6 Organisational Departments Effected by GDPR“at GDPR Summit there, led by CEO Owen Sorensen. That will be taking place from 2:10pm – 2:40pm, just after the lunch break. Together with Group Data Protection Officer at Kerry Group Gareth Davies, Windows and Devices Business Group Lead at Microsoft Shirley Finerty, Director at Sigmar Recruitment Barry Rudden, Owen will talk about different sectors affected by the EU GDPR law. A full agenda

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accountants and GDPR

The Impact of GDPR on Accountants

The working life of an accountant involves daily interaction with vast amounts of sensitive data. As the introduction of the EU GDPR edges closer, it is time to talk about the impact it will have on an accountant’s day-to-day work life. Replacing the Data Protection Directive of 1995, and designed to protect against cyber disruptions and attacks, this new Regulation will be instrumental in ensuring personal data is protected properly. Accountants who are not up to speed with the EU GDPR by its introduction in early 2018 will run a serious risk of breaching the law. 8 FROM 10 ACCOUNTANTS ARE NOT

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