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The Expanding Reach of Personal Data and the Urgent Need to Manage It

Personal information is becoming more… personal… than ever and keeping information safe is becoming more problematic. Where once upon a time, customers may have been surprised if a company asked for their email address, businesses now know the granular detail of customers’ and employees’ lives, sometimes down to their blood types, vehicle registration numbers and IP addresses. Join us as we discuss the how and why of personal data and its expanding reach, and how to protect personal information online. What counts as personal information? Personal information is just that – private, confidential, sensitive, information that companies have on their files regarding their employees

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susceptibility of retail

Susceptibility of Retail and Hospitality to Data Breach

Are retail and hospitality companies susceptible to data breach? In a word: highly. Of the hundreds of major data breaches investigated in 2016 by security provider Trustwave, 23% were in the retail industry and 14% in hospitality – a significantly higher volume of cases than other industries including finance & insurance (8%) and professional services (4%). From a cyber-criminal’s perspective, retailers and hospitality providers are a lucrative source of personal data, customer identities and business account access. Every time a product is sold, a hotel guest checks in or a new employee is hired, new data records are created – from employee IDs

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handle with care

Personal Employee Information- Handle With Care if You’re in HR

A recent article in the Economist, asserts that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. However Nick Ismail in an article on The Information Age equated the fuel of this new data economy to be more like uranium than oil. His reasoning is that “the less you handle it and the fewer people who access it, the less likely it is to leak or cause harm.” That is a great analogy and so true on so many levels. According to Gartner Market Guide for Data-Centric Audit & Protection, most people don’t think of the data they create, access and store

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why target HR

Why Cyber-Criminals Target HR Managers

(Spoiler Alert: Laundering and Money Mules) According to the latest figures for cyber security threats from the Gemalto Breach Level Index, 4.5 billion data records were compromised by cyber-criminals in the first six months of 2018. Join us as we discuss how attacks against HR departments are playing into this worrying picture, and how you can plan to reduce the risk to your own team’s information.   Why are cyber criminals targeting HR Managers? The reason HR Managers and their colleagues are a potential goldmine for cyber-criminals is simple: they process large volumes of information that could potentially be used for

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using email

Using Email to Gather Personal Data

Are you using still using email to gather documents ? As a business grows and flourishes, the one resource that become less abundant is time. Finding new ways to work more efficiently becomes essential as demands on staff and other resources increase. We all use email every day to communicate with our customers. It’s easy, free, and quick- but is it the best way to request and share confidential personal data and documents? At PlanetVerify we think not…. and here’s why. Email security Emails are rarely encrypted and can be intercepted Emails are stored on physical disks on the senders’

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New regulations

New Rental Regulation. What to Do?

THE RENTAL DEBATE RUMBLES ON Renting in Ireland is a much-discussed issue in Irish media today especially after the new Rental Regulation was introduced in December 2016. Without doubt, demand outweighs supply and rent prices have soared, with a knock-on impact on numbers of people who cannot afford housing. However, it appears it is not just the tenants who are under pressure. OBSERVATIONS ON RECENT MEDIA COVERAGE A recent article in the Irish Times examines the decision by estate agents, Hooke and MacDonald, to cut back on managing individual lettings for landlords due to the increase to cost and paperwork resulting from

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gig economy

Protecting Identity

PROTECTING IDENTITY – WHAT CAN A HACKER DO WITH YOUR NAME, DOB AND POSTAL ADDRESS? We live in a fast-paced, digitally savvy world in which sharing of information is encouraged and, more importantly, facilitated. This can range from sharing photos on social media to sharing opinions on online forums, and while this type of sharing comes with its own risks – for example, what happens when your Facebook photos get picked up and used as stock images on websites across the world? –  it is unsettling, but it won’t impact your daily life. The one thing that we cannot afford

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