Secure and Simple Case Document Collection

Dramatically reduce the time you spend chasing clients for documents and information.

A Better Way To Collect Client Documents and Information

PlanetVerify provides legal practices with a streamlined and highly secure way to collect client documents and information — helping to transition away from legacy and ad-hoc collection methods such as email.

Enhanced security

Data compliance

Simple implementation

Increase Efficiency. Law firms who use PlanetVerify to collect client documents and information save on average 1 day per week.

Get Compliant. PlanetVerify enables you to collect, store and purge all your sensitive data while staying fully compliant with data protection laws.

Professional Client Experience. Instead of ad-hoc emails and phone calls, PlanetVerify helps law firms make a great first impression with clients. 

More Secure. Email is the easiest entry point for hackers, PlanetVerify provides law firms with a highly secure alternative for document and information collection.

How Does PlanetVerify Work?

Put together a list of documents and information you require from a client. Lists may be used over and over.

Once you activate the “Send Data Requests” the automated collection process goes to work, saving your team valuable time.

The client receives a link to their device or pc via email/SMS. Documents can be shared in seconds.

Scheduled email and SMS reminders ensure everything is collected.

Powerful end-to-end encryption protects your data and as email collection is bypassed, risk from email attachments is neutralised.

Intelligent automation means data arrives fully arranged and organised, easy to find, store and process.

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