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PlanetVerify Platform Updates July 2023

Our mission at PlanetVerify is to transform the way companies collect and manage sensitive documents and information. Today, many companies are still relying on email and other legacy tools to collect documents – leading to a range of business challenges.

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best apps for accounting firms and CPA

The 50 Best Apps for Accountants

To help you figure out which apps and software tools would be the best fit for your Accounting Firm, we have put together a list of the Top 50 Apps for Accountants. 

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How secure is email?

How Secure is Email?

To begin to understand the question of email security, it is worth taking a trip back to 1971 and the world inhabited by Ray Tomlinson in Cambridge, Massachusetts when he sent the very first email to himself. It was a simpler time, Led Zeppelin topped the album sales, the internet was still some 12 years away, and, crucially, the first computer virus would not appear until 1986. Today cybersecurity is a vital business consideration, but in 1971 the concept of cybersecurity did not even exist. 

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