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Robust Processing Procedures- Time to re-assess

In an increasingly regulated environment and with more focus than ever now on personal data privacy – can you be sure that your processing procedures are up to scratch? A recent report highlights how re-assessing your company’s procedures with regards to collecting and managing personal private data is more important now than ever. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHECK NOW According to the June 2020  report from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which can be found here, “by far the most frequent cause of breaches reported to the DPC is unauthorised disclosure (80%); whether by digital, verbal or other manual means. Manual

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The Expanding Reach of Personal Data and the Urgent Need to Manage It

Personal information is becoming more… personal… than ever and keeping information safe is becoming more problematic. Where once upon a time, customers may have been surprised if a company asked for their email address, businesses now know the granular detail of customers’ and employees’ lives, sometimes down to their blood types, vehicle registration numbers and IP addresses. Join us as we discuss the how and why of personal data and its expanding reach, and how to protect personal information online. What counts as personal information? Personal information is just that – private, confidential, sensitive, information that companies have on their files regarding their employees

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