PlanetVerify Partners with PT Global Infotech Solutions to Expand Presence to Indonesian Market

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We are delighted to announce that PlanetVerify has entered into a partnership agreement with PT Global Infotech Solutions, a leading IT Solutions provider that is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Established in 2015, PT Global Infotech Solutions possesses deep expertise in a range of areas including database analytics, business intelligence, and networking. Their mission is to provide clients in hospitality, government, banking, healthcare, and education with state of the art business solutions.

“PT Global Infotech Solutions have firmly established themselves as innovative solutions providers – helping clients solve business challenges through disruptive technologies. We are excited to partner with PT Global Infotech Solutions and this commitment to innovation makes them an ideal partner for PlanetVerify – at this stage of our growth journey,” said Owen Sorensen, CEO, PlanetVerify.

“Many companies today are still using legacy tools like email to collect documents and information – creating issues around inefficiency, security, and data compliance. PlanetVerify addresses these challenges in a unique and seamless way. We look forward to bringing the many benefits of the PlanetVerify platform to our clients,” said Amon Fernandes, Managing Director, PT Global Infotech Solutions.

This partnership is another step in PlanetVerify’s ongoing global expansion. PlanetVerify is an intuitive and versatile platform that helps companies collect documents and information in a simple, secure, and streamlined way. If you would like to learn more about our solutions, please contact us today.

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