Maintaining Confidentiality in HR

Each and every organisation requires certain employee or organisational information to be kept confidentially. Human Resources is usually the holder of this information within an organisation, and they are entrusted with personal data and sometimes sensitive employee data. This information can pertain to aspects of the employee including any management issues the employee may have been involved in.

This is why any HR professional should understand the extreme importance of ensuring confidentiality with employee data. (This can include personal data like identification numbers, reference checks, compensation numbers, health related information and anything to do with their private lives that they have chosen to share with the organization.)

There are many privacy laws that require employers to make sure that there are strict procedures in place to securely store employees’ information. If this is not in place, laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) come into play to safeguard employee data by requiring organizations to notify their employees if there is ever a breach of their personal data.

Human Resources must not only protect employees sensitive information but they must also protect the business information of the organisation. This type of information usually lies with senior management and can relate to information regarding strategic business planning, prospective redundancies, expansions and so-on.

For Human Resources, in most cases they will need to document and store information regarding performance and any disciplinary action issues. This means that they need to maintain confidentiality while simultaneously, sometimes divulging certain pieces of information to other involved parties for evaluation. (An employee’s manager for instance). It is important for a member of any HR team to understand the balance between preserving employee confidentiality and completing a thorough investigation when needs be.

Another specific document that Human Resource teams will need to store securely are work visas. Residents from certain countries will need a VISA to live and work in Ireland. It is also important to remember that these visas will need to be kept up to date. The Garda National Immigration Bureau will often investigate visas and work permits to ensure that all documentation for employees are up to date.

Most Human Resource teams will train new members on their team about their specific processes and procedures that their organization uses to collect and store sensitive employee and company information. Planet Verify, however, can make this much easier for organizations’ HR teams to securely and confidentially collect, store, and remain transparent about employee information – ensuring that all work visas are in date for organizations to track easily and efficiently.

Planet Verify can help create a succinct and straightforward approach to managing an Organisation’s entire employee documentation by:

  1. PlanetVerify ultra secure fully encrypted hosted solution which will come a long way in helping to secure and store your client data in accordance with the set GDPR.
  2. Organisations will be able to effectively track important document expiry dates and continuous maintenance of current client files through the use of PlanetVerify automated data request scheduling feature.
  3. PlanetVerify provides its clients with an audit-ready data trail of how they manage and obtain data subjects’ personal data. It also helps to show they acted in a transparent manner and according to the GDPR in their records maintenance.

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