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PlanetVerify customers are pushing the envelope of automation. Sherryfitzgearld, one of Ireland’s leading letting agencies are an example of a customer who is  taking control of how they collect and process Identity documentation with demonstrable  cost saving to their business.

workflow automation

For Sherryfitzgerald Letting Agency, workflow automation is crucial for them if they want to close contracts faster.  They have to process multiple pieces of information per client, including PPS number, financial history, previous landlord references, utility bills etc., before the tenant can move into the property.

PlanetVerify significantly speeds up the letting process by automating and digitising the document gathering process between tenant and agent.

We sat down with Mandy Meredith, a director at Sherryfitzgerald Lettings, a couple of weeks after they implemented the solution into their business to see how much of an impact it had on her business.  And this is what she told us.

‘The number 1 benefit for us is the labour savings as we no longer have to waste valuable hours chasing up tenant paperwork.  All in all the system saves us about an hour per contract – which adds up to about a half a weeks work for an agent here.

And setting it up couldn’t have been easier.  There was around 15 minutes of training required to get our team up to speed on the system and the solution was fully up and running within an hour.

Another key benefit to us is knowing the real time status of each tenant in our onboarding process giving us better visibility on contract close dates allowing us to better plan and manage our workloads.

And last but definitely not least our tenants love the app.  It is so intuitive that there have simply been no questions from tenants about how to use it or what to do.  They get it straight away and they just get on with it and fill out the information requested from them. This saves us  significant time with back and forth emails.   We couldn’t do without PlanetVerify now. ”

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