How Can You Build Trust and Loyalty With Your Customers


…or so the saying goes. The importance of loyal customers is of paramount importance in today’s cluttered and competitive goods and services space. Without our customers, we would not have profitable businesses, we would not be able to expand and grow and embark on new business adventures. So, how do we ensure our customers’ happiness and keep them coming back?

Loyal customers

Consumer analysts have long argued that trust is the key ingredient needed to capture customer loyalty. If people have trust in their business and service providers, they are content. In order to create trust, consumers must feel protected. In a digital world, so many transactions take place online and consumers lose the control they once had over their details. Consumers send document scans via email and fill out online forms that demand personal details. They submit what they are asked for without stopping to wonder where the data ends up.


There is a gaping lack of education in the area of data protection and in the midst of all these digital transactions, people forget that they still have a right to privacy. If someone’s personal details are processed, that person has the right to inspect them and the right to have data deleted pursuant to the data protection regulations. Even if the data subject does not explicitly demand this, the provider must delete the data after a certain amount of time has passed, namely when the processing is no longer necessary for the purpose specified. This also applies to any profiles created based on this data. How many consumers are aware of this?


In practice, this deletion frequently never happens and the data remains saved to various folders and on various servers forever more, and on numerous email accounts where it resides as an attachment. For a consumer to feel safe, they must have trust in the fact that the safety of their data is not compromised, they need to know that access to their data expires. Businesses need to implement procedures to guarantee the safety of their customer data and communicate this to the consumers they engage with. This will build the trust and ensure the loyalty.


The safety of consumer data is a priority for PlanetVerify and our clients. From HR departments to real estate agents, businesses using PlanetVerify can assure their customers that their data is safe; once data is downloaded by the requester and archived, it is purged from the PlanetVerify system after 24 hours. Our aim is to educate on the importance of data protection and ensure the rights of the consumer are protected as they wade through a sea of online transactions, data requests, promises and promotions to find a trusted brand, someone they can rely on.

Find out more about how PlanetVerify allows companies to obtain personal data directly and securely from their customers instantly and in a transparent way. Download the App or browse the PlanetVerify website to explore this advanced document gathering and verification process created with your data security in mind.

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